12 Best Clumping Cat Litter Reviewed: Which One Wins?

There are literally two kinds of people in this world: Those who love dogs, and those who love cats. If you are a cat lover, you must be enjoying the soft paws, purrs, and meows.

However, it takes more than just enjoying your kitty’s cuteness to be a good cat parent. As it turns out, one of your responsibilities involves cleaning up your cat’s rear-end deposits, which is not very pleasant, we must say.

Essentially, you might want to keep a cat litter at hand, more so, a clumping one. The best clumping cat litter should be:

  • Absorbent
  • Convenient

The Best Clumping Cat Litter -Reviews

1. Dr. Elsey's-Ultra Clumping Cat Litter Premium

This high-quality clumping cat litter from Dr. Elsey’s is suitable even for homes with several pets. It combines two different designs all which are meant to make litter management a breeze.

The product uses medium-grain clay features along with heavy non-tracking granules. Note that the granules are meant to reduce the mess in your pet’s litter while the clay ensures that nothing sticks to the bottom of the tray.

Moving on, this litter boasts different hypo-allergenic features. As such it is ideal even for pets that are extremely sensitive to allergens.

It is worth noting that this is an all-natural cat litter. It is free from perfumes, deodorants, and plant proteins which also means that it’s quite safe for your furry-fried.

And also, it is categorized as dust-free meaning that it keeps your home free of dust. Of course, that goes a long way in keeping your environment cleaner as well.

Key Attributes

This litter manages odors from your cat’s urine and feces effectively, which makes your home smell clean and natural.

The cat litter forms clumps preventing urine from getting to the bottom of the tray. In addition, the clumps don’t disintegrate and are easy to scoop.

Therefore, using this device makes disposing of all the contents of the box quite convenient because the litter doesn’t stick to the tray. You simply scoop the clamps and dispose them of.

When ordering, there are different quantity packs to suit different pet-parenting needs.

And the best part is that this product is also competitively priced.


  • A very popular cat owner’s choice
  • It is a budget-friendly clumping cat litter
  • Hard clumping for easy disposal
  • It is an all-natural clumping cat litter
  • Dust-free and suitable for pet-families sensitive to dust
  • It manages cat litter box odors
  • Excellent at controlling odors


  • Not flushable

2. Arm & Hammer- Platinum Clump & Seal Cat Litter, Multi-Cat

The Arm & Hammer makes a perfect feline lavatory for either single-cat or multi-cat homes. It is an improved version of the company's clump and seals fresh scent formula, with 10% more odor eliminators.

Its formulation includes plant-derived particles which form clumps when it comes into contact with moisture, making scooping and disposal easy.

Patented as odor-free, the litter warrants a seven-day odor-free home. Not only that, it also comes with a 100% dust-free guarantee. Since it is dust-free it is suitable for pet-family members with dust allergies.

Key Attributes

The litter combines various features for effectiveness in managing your furry friend’s litter. This cat litter manages odors emanating from urine and feces by forming a seal around them destroying the odors on contact. Secondly, made of moisture-activated micro granules, they work by locking in odors.

Additionally, it contains baking soda which wipes out the smells. To keep your litter box clean, hard clumps should be scooped and disposed of daily. Then add more cat litter to replace what was scooped out. Then replace the entire cat litter every 30 days.

Worth noting, there are different ordering quantities to meet your ordering needs.


  • Suitable for both single-cat and multi-cat homes
  • It is a patented formula
  • 7-days odor-free home guarantee
  • It is 100% dustless
  • Forms hard clumps for easy scooping and disposal
  • Several quantity packs to choose from


  • A bit pricey in comparison to other brands

3. SmartCat-All Natural Clumping Cat Litter

This is an all-natural cat litter manufactured from grass. The SmartCat-All boasts of several awesome features making it a good choice for choosy buyers.

Made from grass, grass grows at a fast rate and annually, and as such, it is manufactured from an abundant, renewable and biodegradable resource. In addition, the litter is clay free, it has no chemicals and it is free from fragrances.

Clay litters are prone to silica dust. The cat litter is 99% dust-free, making it safe for you and your feline friend. Because it is dust-free, you can breathe in clean air and your home dust levels will not be increased.

On top of that, it controls odors from cat feces and urine, preventing your home from smelling like a litter box. It is a lightweight cat litter in comparison to others in the market. Since it is light in weight, it gives you more litter per pack than heavy litters.

Key Attributes

It forms clumps faster upon contact with your cat’s urine, absorbing all the urine. Cleaning your cat’s litter involves just scooping the clumps and disposing them of.

This product comes in different packages categorized as either small-sized, medium-sized or large-sized packs. Still not sure which one might be the ideal pack for your home? You can opt for the 5lb trial package just to have a look and feel of this product.


  • It is renewable and biodegradable, therefore, planet-friendly
  • Clay-free with no risk of exposure to silica dust
  • It is a grass cat litter, all-natural with no artificial fragrances or chemicals
  • It manages cat urine and cat feces odors effectively
  • It is light in weight giving you more usage per pound
  • 99% dust-free


  • No choice of scents

4. World's Best Cat Litter-Clumping Formula

Made for homes with one or two cats, this cat litter can keep foul smells of ammonia from your cat litter box, and more so, from your home.

The product is made from whole-kernel corn and that, once again, confirms that this is an all-natural product. As you might be aware, kernel corns are farm-grown and take a short period of time to mature. That means they are eco-friendly.

On top of that, this top-rated clumping cat litter is certified as being free from artificial perfumes and chemicals. So, it’s generally safe to use even if your cat is an extremely sensitive one.

And to make the deal even sweeter, this product is categorized as 99% dust-free. Therefore, it’s safe even for cats with respiratory conditions.

Key Attributes

One thing we absolutely like about this product is that it comes with advanced odor-control features. The people who have reviewed it so far laud it for being quite effective at managing odor that comes from feces and urine.

And that’ definitely a good thing for anyone looking to keep their home smelling fresh and clean.

We also like the fact that this device is designed to help in the fast clumping of litter. And, therefore, we find it a good option as it makes it easy to scoop poop and dispose it off.

Of importance, the litter is light in weight. Which means that you get more from one pack than what you would get from a heavy litter equivalent pack. There are various packs available to suit different ordering requirements. What’s more, you can choose from a natural non-scented model or scented models.

What’s more, it is tested to be flushable and poses no harm to septic and sewer systems.


  • It is a flushable cat litter and sewer and septic tank safe
  • All-natural with no chemicals
  • Easy to scoop and dispose of
  • 100% biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly
  • Light-in weight
  • Quick clamping
  • Various scents to choose from


  • May attract bugs, not suitable in areas prone to bugs

5. Naturally Fresh-Walnut-Based Cat Litter Quick-Clumping,

Manufactured from fibers of the walnut shell, this litter box works better than other common cat litters in the market. Common litters are made from wheat, corn, clay, and pine. It is a tree-based clumping cat litter and therefore eco-friendly.

More so, no trees are cut down to get the cat litter raw material because it is manufactured from the shell of the walnut. The raw material is a non-edible residue that would otherwise be thrown away.

Besides that, no chemical ingredients are added. Therefore, this litter is safe for you and your family members and your cat. In addition, the dust doesn’t cling to a cat’s paws keeping minimizing tracking.

In comparison to clay litters, this litter is silica dust free and as such no risks of developing respiratory conditions like lung cancer and lung diseases.

The litter forms tight clumps in as little as a quarter of an hour, then all you have to do is collect the formed clumps and dispose of them. With a higher absorption rate of three times better than other litters, you will use three times less litter than common litters.

Key Attributes

Apart from that, it manages odors emanating from the litter box effectively. Worth noting clumps should be disposed of daily and the entire contents of the litter box changed every month.

Moreover, there are different natural scents to choose from including an unscented version. Also, there are various packs to suit your ordering needs.


  • Different scents available
  • It is all-natural made from a renewable raw material
  • Biodegradable
  • It forms clumps quickly for easy scooping
  • It lasts three times more than regular litters
  • Silica dust-free and toxins free
  • Various scents available


  • A little bit of tracking

6. Feline Pine Cat Litter

This cat litter is pine-based and therefore all-natural. It works effectively as a cat litter making it suitable for multi-cat families. The litter is a bit different from the other cat litter we have covered in this review because it is in pellet-form and not dust form. The manufacturing of this cat litter uses reclaimed shavings, therefore it doesn’t necessitate cutting down new pine trees.

Most importantly, no chemicals and perfumes are added to it.

Since the litter is in pellets-form and not dust-form, there is no tracking of the litter. It keeps your home dust-free and as such you and your pet can breathe in clean air. Moreover, since it is in pellet form, none will stick to your cat’s paws.

Key Attributes

It fights odors using the natural power of pine, emitting the smell of pine instead of the strong odor of urine or feces. The odor capabilities are attributable to pine fibers. Pine fibers are highly absorbent, soaking up urine and feces to form clumps which keep the litter box dry.

The formulation has no dust, which maintains the natural air in your home. Since it is a clay-free formula, it is free from silica dust which comes with health risks to cats and pet families alike.


  • Pet-friendly, people-friendly, and planet-friendly
  • Made from reclaimed shavings of pine trees, no new trees are cut down
  • No toxins
  • It is silica-dust free
  • Highly absorbent
  • No tracking dirt by your feline friend in your house


  • Only available in one scent
  • It may take your feline friend time to adjust to pellets

7. Ökocat Cat Clumping Litter-Super Soft Natural Wood

The Ökocat Cat Clumping Litter-Super is made from natural wood. Öko means eco in German. This cat litter is eco-friendly, manufactured from a blend of different softwoods including fir, pine, and spruce that are from reclaimed timber. No trees are cut to get the raw materials.

It is made from renewable wood resources that are abundant in supply. In addition, no chemicals or scents are added which make it safe for homes with individuals that have allergies. The attributes in this litter make it pet-friendly, eco-friendly and friendly to your family members including small kids.

Key Attributes

In comparison to clay litters, this cat litter first and foremost has no silica dust. Secondly, it is biodegradable and also flushable. To dispose of it, simply flush one clump at a time. To keep your home fresh, it is advisable to dispose of clumps every day, and change the entire litter box every 4 to 6 weeks.

In addition, it has a super soft texture, and therefore a comfortable lavatory for your feline friend. The litter is formulated to control odors for up to seven days. Which keeps the litter box and your home free from the smell of cat urine or cat feces. The litter has excellent absorption abilities forming clumps of your cat’s urine and feces for easy disposal.

It is a dustless cat litter keeping your air clean for your family and pets.


  • Biodegradable
  • Flushable
  • Easy to dispose of a cat’s wastes using scoopable clumps
  • Soft texture
  • Silica dust-free


  • There are no scent options

8. Dr. Elsey’sPrecious Cat- Respiratory Relief Litter, Herbal Essences

This is our second product review from Dr. Elsey’s. It is called Dr. Elsey’sPrecious Cat- Respiratory Relief (R & R). It was formulated by Dr. Elsey, a veterinarian.

It works perfectly in multi-cat homes. This is a special cat litter formula for cats with respiratory conditions. In fact, even some pet owners have reported getting relieved themselves from respiratory conditions after switching to this cat litter.

Soft on your cat's paws, the litter is cat-friendly.

The cat litter is hypoallergenic and it is 99.9% dust-free. It contains no plant proteins, deodorants or perfumes. It is fortified with herbal essences which minimize stress in your feline friend’s life which is vital when managing Feline Respiratory Disease.

Key Attributes

Additionally, it forms hard clumps, which makes disposal easy and which helps to keep the litter box clean and smelling fresh. Furthermore, the herbal essences give it superb odor control capabilities.

Please note that however good a cat litter you have it has to be managed well to continue being hygienic. You should dispose of clumps on a daily basis and change the contents of the litter box every four to six weeks. There are several options available to suit your personal preferences.


  • It results in respiratory relief
  • It is hypo-allergenic with no allergens
  • 99.9 % dustless cat litter
  • Scoopable clumps for easy disposable
  • It makes hard clumps
  • Superb odor control
  • It is soft and therefore comfortable on your cat’s paws


  • Scented, it may not suit those who want a non-scented formula

9. Purina Tidy Cats- Clumping Cat Litter & Glade Tough Odor Solutions-Clear Springs

The Purina Tidy Cats- Clumping Cat Litter is permeated with Glade Tough Odor, a strong deodorizing system. This cat litter combines two product brands to provide an effective way of managing your cat’s litter. It is a scented litter, suitable for single-cat and multi-cat homes.

Worth noting, the deodorizing system is effective at curbing smells from cat feces and urine leaving the litter box and your home smelling fresh. In addition, the scent is not overwhelming like other scented litters.

The strong scent makes it possible to manage litter from multi-cats. What's more, there is a big quantity pack ideal for multi-cat homes.

Key Attributes

This litter is manufactured from a clay product. The clay material locks in the moisture from the feces and urine, leaving your feline friend dry. Made with large granules, it is 99.9% dustless. The pellets also minimize tracking of the litter from the box, keeping your home clean.

Moreover, the litter forms clump effectively and fast, making disposal easy. The litter is packaged in an easy to use container. The packaging keeps this clay litter dry and fresh with no risk of contact with moisture.

However, it is a bit heavy in comparison to other litters.


  • It combines two product brands
  • The Glade Tough Odor is a strong deodorant
  • Nice packaging
  • Manages effectively the ammonia smell
  • Forms clumps that are easy to clean up
  • 99.9% dustless
  • Little tracking


  • Since it is a clay litter, it can stick to the bottom of the litter tray
  • Some home owners don’t like its scent

10. World's Best Cat Litter-Multiple Cat Clumping Scoopable

This cat litter is specially formulated for homes with two or more cats. The cat litter is manufactured from whole-kernel corn an all-natural plant product used to enhance its odor management features.

It has a concentrated deodorizing formula that makes it more effective in managing multi-cat homes.

Whole-kernel corns are fully absorbent, which locks the smell of ammonia from the urine and feces, keeping the litter box and your home smelling fresh. Because it is chemical-free, it is pet-friendly, people-friendly and also planet-friendly.

Key Attributes

This cat litter is light in weight, which gives you more litter per pound, making it more affordable. In addition, it has a soft texture, and therefore comfortable on the paws of for your furry-friend. The cat litter is 99% is dust-free for clean air and a dustless home.

Since it is made from kernel, it is also silica-dust free, therefore, it can be used by pet-families with allergies.

Moreover, it has excellent clumping capabilities which makes cat litter management a breeze. On top of that, it is flushable which means that it is sewer and septic tank safe.

To clean the litter box, simply scoop the clumps and dispose them of. Then every four to six weeks, you can change the contents of the entire litter box.


  • Planet-friendly made from a renewable resource
  • Formulated for multi-cat homes
  • It is concentrated
  • All-natural made from whole-kernel corn
  • Forms scoopable clumps
  • Flushable, septic tank and sewer safe
  • Silica-dust free


  • No option for scents

11. Boxiecat Premium-Clumping Clay Cat Litter Extra Strength

The Boxiecat Premium-Clumping Clay Cat Litter is a vet-recommended litter for homes dealing with strong odors from their feline buddies. Made in the USA, the manufacturer supports shelters and pet rescue operations.

The litter uses an advanced probiotic-powered system to control odors, which manages the strongest of cat litter odors from feces and ammonia.

Strong odors from cats can be due to a diet that is high in protein and multiple cats, however, sometimes, it is unexplained. You can use this cat litter for all types of litter boxes and in single and multiple cat homes.

The cat litter is an-natural prepared from clay. Additionally, it has no fillers, dyes, and fragrances as such it is unscented and great for people sensitive to fragrances. With a 99.9% dust control feature, it is hypo-allergenic, as such which makes it suitable for homes with individuals with dust allergies too.

Key Attributes

The formulation of the granules makes it a low tracking litter. The litter forms hard clumps easily which makes scooping and disposal a breeze. The clumps form instantly as soon as the granules get into contact with moisture, which prevents the litter from sticking to the litter tray.

Moreover, the formed crumps don’t crumble. After scooping the clumps, the litter box seems new. What’s more, the litter lasts two times longer than other litters.


  • Ideal for managing strong odors
  • Ideal for cats used to clay litters
  • All-natural
  • Unscented
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Scoopable clumps for easy disposal


  • It is not flushable

12. Boxiecat Clumping Clay Cat Litter- Premium & Gently Scented

If you’re looking for a clumping cat litter that comes with scented clay, you might want to have a look at this one. It has been developed by a skilled vet and is currently certified as both pet- and human-friendly.

It does, indeed, smell good and the best part is that its smell isn’t the overpowering type.

Another major benefit with it is that it can fit the bill whether you have one pet or several. Plus it works well with almost all kinds of litter boxes.

Another thing, this product is free from dust and we’d recommend it for anyone looking to keep their pet from allergens.

And the icing on the cake is that the product is designed with the frugal shoppers in mind. We found quite a few reviews lauding it for being a long-lasting choice.

Key Attributes

There’s no doubt that the scent that comes from this clumping is outstanding. It does a great job of masking out ammonia. And that’s pretty much all you might need when you share your home with a cute pet that urinates every so often.

And also, we love the fact that this product does a good job of forming scoopable clumps. Of course, that has many benefits in terms of keeping your home clean, the easy way.


  • Ideal for a single cat or multi-cat homes
  • Suitable for all litter boxes
  • The scent is developed by a veterinarian
  • The scent makes it curb odors more effectively
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Moisture activated scent
  • It lasts two times longer than ordinary litters
  • It is a low tracking cat litter


  • Not flushable

Buying Guide for Clumping Cat Litter

In your search for the best clumping cat litter, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. Here are some of them.

Minimal Trailing

Whenever your kitty needs to go into the litter box to relieve themselves, you have to hold your heart in your hands because more often than not, they will have litter on their paws, which they will spread all over your premises. Gross right?

If you are keen on keeping your space clean, get a low-tracking litter. Generally, fine litter tracks more than litter comprising of bigger granules.

Therefore, you might want to match your minimal tracking interest with your kitty’s preferences.

Less Dust

Dust is not good for you, neither is it for your cat as it can cause respiratory problems. Dusty cat litters are also less messy and easier to track compared to low-dust litters.

As such, it is better to choose a clumping cat litter that produces less dust. Clay is dustier compared to other kinds of litter, but some manufacturers design their clumping litters to produce less dust.

On the other hand, non-clay products such as paper and wood pellets do not produce any dust at all hence the perfect choice if you or your kitty suffer from allergies.

Stench Control

This is an important factor to consider since controlling the odor that comes from your cat’s litter not only keeps your space smelling fresh, but also plays a huge role in keeping your cat happy.

The thing is, cats have sensitive noses and when they have enough of pungent smells, things may get out of hand. You want to evade litter box avoidance at all costs because it is a serious problem.

Get a litter box that can minimize odor. Some of the boxes come scented or with deodorizing agents like carbon or baking soda. Keep in mind that some cats do not like strong scents so go for a mildly scented litter box to keep your kitty comfortable.

Overall Appeal

You cannot force your cat to use their litter box, they have to want to use it, and if they do not like its texture, they may reject it.

While cats generally like pellet litter, there are those that would rather not walk on bigger pellets. While crystal litter does not clump, it is quite uncomfortable. This makes clay a favorite for most cats.

Ensure that the litter you get for your kitty is fine, easy to dig, and soft. It needs to be easy on your cat’s paws and free of any irritating or harmful elements.

Benefits of Clumping Cat Litter

The kind of litter you choose for your cat largely depends on your own preferences. Our conclusion is that clumping cat litter is much better than non-clumping and here are our reasons.

Easy to Scoop

With clumping litter, it is easier to scoop your cat’s ‘deposits’ because they will be trapped in tight, firm clumps that are easily removable.

Reduced Contamination

Clumping litters clump around your cats “deposits” and hold them together so that they do not spread around and pollute the rest of the litter. This is not only unhygienic, but dangerous as well because cat poo carries harmful bacteria at times.

No Molding

Clumping litter traps liquids before they trickle to the base of the box. You might have to chisel liquids out of your box if it contains non-clumping litter.

Odor Regulation

With clumping litter, odors get trapped in the clumps. On the other hand, you will have a harder time controlling odors with non-clumping litter.

Healthier Substitutes

Clumping litter is often made of natural clay while non-clumping litters are made of strip-mined clay, which is detrimental to the environment and may contain silica dust, which may be harmful as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is natural that people will have questions to do with clumping cat litter. We have answered some frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

Is clumping cat litter the better option?

Yes, it is because its advantages definitely outweigh those of non-clumping litter. Generally, smaller particles facilitate clumping.

This facilitates easier scooping, and controls odors among other things.

Why does my clumping cat litter fail to clump?

Perhaps the problem is the litter itself. Some just fail to absorb adequate moisture if the saturation is too much.Some cats will also pee in the same area repeatedly and on top of other pee so that could be the problem.

Is clumping litter bad for cats?

Not at all. Most clumping litters are made of naturally occurring clay, which is not harmful to you or your cat.

On the other hand, non-clumping litter may contain considerable amounts of silica dust, which may cause respiratory issues for both you and your cat. Moreover, the fragrances in non-clumping litter may be toxic to your kitty.

What happens if my cat eats clumping cat litter?

The contents in your cat litter box are waste from their system so it can be harmful. Moreover, it can cause intestinal damage or chocking. The best thing to do in such an event is to take your kitty to the vet’s as fast as possible.

Overall Best Clumping Cat Litter

Our editors picked the 12 most sought-after clumping litters. And after testing them for several weeks, they arrived at the conclusion that the Dr. Elsey's-Ultra Clumping Cat Litter is the best one overall.

It is made from natural ingredients and does quite a good job of absorbing odor. Most importantly, it forms some easy-to-scoop clumps and does a great job of keeping your home neat and tidy.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose non-clumping or clumping litter is largely a matter of preference. Nevertheless, most cat owners will tell you that clumping litter has more advantages.

Now that you know what to look for, you can go ahead and make your purchase.

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