The 10 Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs 2021

Are you a proud owner of a dog with long hair?

We’re talking about the Afghan Hound, Yorkshire Terrier, or a Bearded Collie.

No matter the dog breed you own (or cross-breed), it is important that you keep them well-groomed.

Long hair particularly presents its fair share of unique challenges. That’s because if you happen to ignore it, it might easily become matted or form scraggly messes.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs

Of course, you don’t want that to happen and that’s precisely why you have come here searching for the best clippers for long haired dogs.

And we promise not to disappoint you with our in-depth reviews that follow below.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs

10 Clippers for Long Haired Dogs 2021 – Comparison Table

Your pooch deserves every opportunity they can get to look and feel good.

Our Top Pick

And here now is a comprehensive list of some of the popular clippers that you can use.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs

Name Dimension Weight
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6,119 Reviews

Top Pick

Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper 1.5 x 2 x 6.5 inches 2.3 pounds
Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper 7.7 x 2.4 x 9.8 inches 1.8 pounds
51dc1Wb9ofS. SL160
358 Reviews
Razoo Dog Rechargeable Cordless Grooming Clipper 1 pounds
51dmFmZApSL. SL160
10,613 Reviews
Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit 1.6 pounds
Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit 8.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches 2.07 pounds
31tJrfDIK7S. SL160
2,900 Reviews
Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet Clipper 4.5 x 6.2 x 10 inches 2 pounds
2,295 Reviews
Bojafa Dog Grooming Clippers  9 x 2.1 x 2.5 inches 0.88 pounds
Wahl Professional Animal Arco Pet Clipper 7 x 1.44 x 1.69 inches 0.5 pounds
ENJOY PET Dog Clippers  9.6 x 9.1 x 2.7 inches 1.25 Pounds
Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper 10 x 3 x 9 inches 2 Pounds

The Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs

1. Wahl Professional U-Clip

Wahl U-clip Deluxe grooming kit consists of everything that you may need for completing a professional-style clip at your pleasure or comfort of your home.

 It is usually suitable for ensuring that clipping is more enjoyable and convenient than ever before.

Product Description

This product features seven attachment guide comps basically for longer cutting lengths, a finishing comp, and stainless-steel scissors.

Also, it comes with an ergonomically design, where the motor is so decent in that it has the capability of delivering 7200 strokes in a minute.

Another feature is that it also consists of standard adjustable blades. Besides, this clipper is designed and manufactured in the US.

Other Features and Benefits

The major benefit of Wahl U-clip Deluxe clipper is that it is incredibly convenient and easy to use, operates so smoothly for non-frequent cuts and does not exert any additional pressure on your dogs’ skin or your hands.

Secondly, there is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty, thus ensuring complete functionality and satisfaction to the user. On top of that, this clipper trims quickly and clips fine to coats that are medium sized.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Advanced motor
  • High speed
  • Easy to use


  • It is bulky

2. Andis UltraEdge Detachable Super 2-Speed Blade Clipper

Andis UltraEdge AGC2 Clipper is the best heavy-duty dog blade clippers than the other types. For your dog to feel much secure, safer, and better, this is the right choice.

Product Description

It consists of two speed modes; high and low. The high mode runs at 4000 strokes in a minute while the low mode is 3400 strokes in a minute.

Also, it features a 14 heavy duty cord, an UltraEdge#10 Blade, a cool-running smart design and superior rotating motor.

Other Features and Benefits

To begin with, the high-speed mode of this clipper enables cutting of your grooming time easily down from three hours to 30 minutes per session.

This speed is also really useful especially when your dog has a coarse or thick coat, curly or wavy hair.

On top of that, Andis AGC2 has 14 heavy duty cord that makes sure you will not have problems moving or to maneuver around while clipping your dog.

Also, it contains an UltraEdge#10 Blade, made using a hardening process that makes the blades durable and provides a harder cutting surface.

In addition, it’s superior rotating motor ensures no noise is produced so you do not need to worry that your dog will feel terrified or bark while clipping it.


  • Quiet and cool running
  • Perfect for all breeds and coats
  • Ease of cleaning and changing


  • No replacement parts

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3. Razoo Dog Rechargeable Cordless Grooming Clipper

Finding brushes is usually easy, but the challenge is getting quality clippers. Also, it can be costly visiting the groomer now and then. So why don’t you groom your little furball at the comfort of your home.  

Product Description

This Razoo features a cordless design, 1-year warranty, super quiet motor and a whole grooming set containing the teeth scissors, steel scissors, and stainless-steel comps.

Other Features and Benefits

This product is designed with a super quiet motor that produces low vibration. This ensures that your pets are not frightened whenever you turn the device on. Secondly, the cordless design makes it more convenient to use.

Also, the fact that it comes as a whole grooming set reduces the expense and makes the price reasonable.


  • Quick cutting
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to use
  • Super quiet
  • Beginner friendly


  • A bit lesser battery life

4. PetTech Professional Clippers

PetTech’s dog clippers supply consists of every single thing needed for you to groom your pet at home.

If you have an anxious pet then you don’t need to worry again because this clipper’s motor ensures low vibration.

Product Description

Thanks to the clipper’s rechargeable battery and ergonomic design. Also, it contains comfort comps and precision-cut, adjustable blades.

Other features of this product include a complete set of grooming tools, low noise that is suitable for your pets and a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Other Features and Benefits

PetTech’s grooming comps are usually contoured for a grooming experience that is skin friendly v all thanks to the titanium precision-cut blades that ensures your pet’s hair is not uncomfortably pulled.

Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit -...

It is usually a comfortable, easy, and safe experience.

On top of that, since the manufacturers believe their products are of good quality, they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee, to ensure that there is a refund of free replacement if your pet grooming kit has any issues.

Finally, the pet clippers come with multiple blades and are rechargeable to help the provision of right solutions for the pets as they exist for every type.


  • Clean cut to animals
  • Easy to use
  • Pet-friendly


  • Occasional battery problems

5. Wahl Clipper Dog Grooming Pet-Pro Kit

Many people consider this product as one of the best professional clippers where the Pet-Pro provides perfect comfort on your hands.

Spare your pet’s stress of trips to groomer by getting one of this set.

Product Description

Wahl Pet-Pro Kit Clipper features ergonomic, sleek and comfortable grip, low-vibration and Ultra-quiet Power Drive producing 30% more power and 5-year warranty.

Also, it has everything needed to keep your pet’s skin shiny and healthy

Other Features and Benefits

For the ones who do not like blades getting dull, you would be shocked by the sharpening blades which are usually integrated into the system, grouping it to one of the real wonders lists.

On top of that, the 30% more cutting power offered by the clipper removes stubborn tangles and mats with ease.

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit - Quiet...


  • Easy to maintain
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Low vibration


  • Blades can get hot

6. Wahl Professional Bravura Cordless Clipper

Wahl Professional Bravura clipper combines the durability and power of lithium-ion battery with an adjustable 5-in-1 blade to give pet owners, animal professionals, and groomers everything needed in a lightweight cordless clipper.

Product Description

To begin with, it has up to 5500 strokes in a minute with a rapidly integrated power, 1000 battery life cycles, 60-minute charging time, 90-minute cordless runtime, cordless or corded operation and an indicator of LCD battery level.

Also, it has five adjustable sizes (#40, # 30, #15, #10 and #9) and a soft storage charger case.

Other Features and Benefits

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat,...

Powered by Ion Lithium battery technology, it is a lightweight, durable, and cool running clipper that has low maintenance and low vibration. Also, it is ergonomically designed so as to fit in your hands comfortably.

Moreover, it only weighs 8.8 ounces for prevention of wrist fatigue while control is provided by the grip surface without sacrificing comfort.   


  • Battery recharges fast
  • Easy to maintain
  • Convenient shape and size
  • Both corded and cordless
  • List Element


  • It is very fragile

7. Bojafa Kit Cordless Quiet Pet Clippers

If you need something easy to manage and a bit more lightweight then you might be looking for this product. It is usually a perfect choice for anyone on a low budget.

Product Description

Bojafa cordless dog grooming clipper comes with functionality that should be used cordless by use of the battery power. However, it also comes with a cord option.

The blades are usually made from titanium, the best blade possible on clipper or trimmer.

In addition, the grooming razor is accompanied by detachable blades, and inbuilt adjustments are not included.

Other Features and Benefits

Bojafa Dog Grooming Clippers Kit Cordless...

First of all, it comes with an extra battery for backup in case of an emergency.

However, the most important thing about this clippers is that you are allowed to cut your pet’s hair without having to worry about running out of batteries thus more efficient.

The production of noises is below 60 dB thus ensuring the comfort and safety of your pets. Also, the most interesting part is that it does not heat up even after prolonged use.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extra battery
  • Budget-friendly price


  • External adjustments only

8. Wahl Professional Arco Pet Kit Cordless Clipper

The Wahl Professional Arco Clipper is usually versatile in every respect. It is going to be one of the most liked dog clippers due to its lightweight and small character.

Product Description

This clipper usually gets recharged just in 75 minutes and can go for 80 minutes without a recharge. Secondly, its motor is unique because it doesn’t require you to oil, clean, or grease at regular intervals.

Other Features and Benefits

It consists of 5-in-1 unique blade technology for allowing the clipper to stay calm and safe even in long sessions.

On top of that, its preferred for its lightweight and compact size that makes it easy for using without extra pressure on wrist and hands.

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and...


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rechargeable Cons


  • Short battery life

9. Enjoy Pet Cat shaver Dog Clipper

This type of clipper is all you need for keeping your pet’s hair looking show-ready.

Also, the volume is kept at very tolerable decibels by the ultra-quiet technology it uses. Purchasing a clipper of this caliber is a real bargain at such a friendly price.

Product Description

ENJOY PET Grooming Kit come with grooming scissors, four-length attachments and a stainless-steel comp for making all your grooming needs much more comfortable.

Moreover, it offers a 3-hour charge and 7-hour run time ultra-high capacity battery.

Also, the powerful motor runs up to 9000 rpm and resists clogs for superior performance and fantastic hair.

Other Features and Benefits

Dog Clippers Cat Shaver, Professional Hair...

First of all, the 33-tooth sharpened blade is loved most due to the way it safely slices through the thick hair.

Besides, the silencer technology usually minimizes the friction between the blades, thus keeping your dog calm whenever grooming is being done.

The package contains a pair of stainless-steel to cut long hair before actually using the clippers.


  • Reasonable price
  • Fully equipped kit
  • Powerful enough
  • More flexible

Cons – Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs

  • May not last long if dropped.

10. Andis ProClip 2-Speed Blade Detachable Clipper

Andis ProClip clippers facilitate both high-power and regular operation depending on your dog’s fur thickness and the grooming zone.

Product Description

Andis ProClip AGC2 Clipper is a professional- grade dog clipper that runs at 3400 strokes per minute and 2700 strokes per minute about your dog’s requirements. Moreover, it contains a size-10 Utra Edge blade.

Other Features and Benefits

It has a shutter-proof housing that ensures it functions smoothly for a longer time. However, what makes it a quality product is its quiet and calm mode of operation, thus being suitable for most sensitive dogs.

Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade...

Also, a fool-proof mechanism is another feature of this product comprising a removable drive cap and a detachable blade for making cleaning seamless and secure.

Also, it accompanies an encased motor inside a break-resistant housing to prevent it from being affected by harsh chemicals.

Pros of Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs

  • Low vibration
  • Lighter than others
  • Has detachable blades
  • Rust resistant


  • Difficult to replace the drive tip

What Does Your Dog Love?

Your dog doesn’t always have to be a diva to benefit from a routine shave. As long as you care for their good health, this is a grooming routine that you need to pay close attention to.

However, it is worth noting that some doggies love it more when they are brushed. Others like it when their locks are left to flourish. Yet quite a few others would rather be left alone.

Whatever your dog’s perspective is, you’ve got to make the hair clipping experience pleasurable. For instance, if they have matted fur, you don’t want to pull the mats as you shave. And that’s why it is important to work with the right kind of clipper.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs Motor

Your best bet is to settle for a clipper with a powerful motor. If the motor is powerful, then the blades will also work more effectively and you won’t have to struggle with mats.

Indeed, a highly powerful motor helps you slice through mats in the same way a hot knife would through butter.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs Noise

Much as you want the motor to be powerful, you don’t want it to be noisy. If it vibrates too loudly, it might scare away your pet. So, look for a motor that’s quiet yet powerful.

Corded vs Cordless

A corded clipper can be a perfect choice especially when you want to run a powerful motor for long hours. It, however, limits you to the vicinity of a wall plug.

Plus because it comes with a cord, you have to be careful so it doesn’t get entangled.

Cordless clippers are recommended when you’re shaving a playful pooch or when you need more maneuvering freedom.

They, however, tend to have weaker motors (although not always) and their battery power is always limited.

But if you are shaving just one or two dogs, the battery power should be enough to see you through the task. If anything, some of these cordless clippers come with spare batteries that you can change to for an uninterrupted grooming experience.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs – Ergonomics

Shaving dogs might seem like an easy task but the truth of the matter is such a demanding role. So, you really don’t want to compromise on comfort.

Look for a clipper that has a contoured handle.

It should be reasonably sized and have its weight balanced. If it is corded, it should have a hanging area and a cord that doesn’t get entangled easily.

All those may seem like minor issues but the truth of the matter is that they matter quite a lot when it comes to getting the job done right.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs – Best One

When it comes to dog hair clippers, we mainly trust Andis. This is a brand that has been around for quite some time and hasn’t disappointed.

In particular, we’d vouch for the Andis UltraEdge Detachable Super 2-Speed Blade Clipper, AGC2.

It is quite well-made, quiet and yet powerful. That’s because it comes with a two-speed rotary motor which we think is quite versatile.

Best Clippers for Long Haired Dogs – Final Thoughts

To sum up this best clippers for long haired dogs review, we’d like to note that, there is nothing like a perfect clipper. So, look around.

Keep an open mind. And hopefully, the guidelines shared above will be enough to help you make an educated choice.

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