5 Best Dog Clippers for Bichon Frise 2021 – Tested, Compared & Reviewed

There are over 200 breeds of dog in the world.

As a dog owner, you are always looking for a better way of grooming your dog and making it smart to have around your home as a friend.

A dog is your best friend, and if you want to walk with it around, then you must groom it.

Bichon Frise is one common breed of a dog that most people prefer having. Apart from being friendly, this breed of dog is also attractive.

It has a different type of hairstyle that may be hard to trim and groom if you are keeping it for the first time.

Notably, Bichon Frise has thick and big fur hair that may be hard to trim using the ordinary shavers.

There are lots of clippers you will find in the market, but not all of them can be suitable to cut and trim the thick and tall Bichon Frise hair.

To cut your Bichon Frise hair comfortably, you will need a high-quality clipper. It should be designed specifically for this breed of a dog.

Best Clippers for Bichon Frise Tested

In this detailed review, we help you find the best clippers for Bichon Frise that saves you time when cutting or trimming the dog’s hair.

We have highlighted some of the best five clippers in the market that you can go for right in the comfort of your home.

Best Clippers for Bichon Frise in 2021: Comparison Table

Here is a simple comparison table for pet clippers for your dog pet.

Our Top Pick

Be sure to check and compare all the main features and price as well.

Remember, the right product must strike a balance between product quality and its overall price.

Best Dog Clippers for Bichon Frise Product Name Motor speed Color
3,312 Reviews

Top Pick

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed 3400,4400 strokes Burgundy
41a6IqfB57L. SL160
440 Reviews
Wahl Professional 41885-0435 Clipper 5,500 strokes Black and Silver
31Q+ LAARvS. SL160
3,466 Reviews
Wahl 8786-1001 Cordless 5500 strokes Purple
52 Reviews
Wahl 8868-100 Figura Cordless 6, 000 strokes Red
31VDUDzFtgL. SL160
1,790 Reviews
Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Clippers 2,700 strokes Black

Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Bichon Frise

1. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper 

Andis UltraEdge is a blade clipper that is suitable for your Bichon Frise dog. The manufacturer has made the clipper with durability, efficiency, and speed in mind.

It is a professional clipper that does its job well on your dog. You can use this clipper on any dog because it comes with detachable blades.

It is a multifunctional clipper with a motor speed of up to 3400 -4400 strokes a minute.

It operates at 120V only, thus saving you on power consumption. The clipper also comes with a 14-inches long cord that makes kit convenient to move around bigger dogs when shaving the hair.

If you have more than one breed of dog at home, then this is the right clipper to shop for in the market. You can easily remove the blade and replace them with one that suits your dog.

The clipper is fast in shaving and does not make it hard for you. You will take the shortest time possible on your dog when grooming it.

The motor has a two-speed system that does not leave long hairs behind. It does not shut down any bit when you are in the middle of shaving. The clipper comes with a quality and efficiency assurance.

That means the manufacturer has tried and tested it in-house to ensure it outperforms most of the clippers in the market.

The UltraEdge blades the manufacturer has used on this clipper are long-lasting and easy to clean. Ideally, most people that buy this clipper praise the product for its durability.

So, if you are looking for a clipper that shaves your bigger dog for the longest time, then this is the right one for you. Here are the pros and cons of this clipper to look out for when shopping.

Pros Best Dog Clippers for Bichon Frise

  • It comes with detachable blades that make it multifunctional
  • The blades are easy to clean and maintain
  • It has a 14-inches long cord that makes it suitable for grooming bigger dogs
  • The clipper does not stop on the way while shaving
  • It boasts of high quality, speed, and functionality
  • The motor speed reaches 4400 strokes per minute
  • The product comes with a shatterproof design
  • It does not make noise when shaving


  • It only uses one blade size
  • It is a bit expensive compared to most of the clipper in its range
  • Some customers complain of poor customer support from the manufacturer

2. Wahl Professional 41885-0435 Clipper Kit 

Wahl cordless clipper kit is a high-quality product you should look out for when shopping. It comes with all the features that you should be looking for when shopping for a quality clipper in the market.

This clipper comes with a more powerful motor that runs at 5500 strokes per minute. This speed ensures you can shave the long hair in your bigger dog without worrying about time.

Also, it comes with a 5-in-1 blade technology that adjusts the blades you use to different inches. This feature makes it more efficient for grooming your Bichon Frise.

The clipper’s functionality and high-speed motor make it stand out from the rest of the clippers in the market. The machine is easy to use and assemble.

You can use it to navigate across difficult areas of the dog, such as eyes, feet, face, and throat, when shaving.

Most dog owners with multiple breed at home prefer this clipper because it can be useful for Bichon Frise and other dogs. It is the right investment for every dog owner that looks forward to grooming their dogs and giving them a better look.

The motor runs on a Lithium-Ion battery that lasts longer. With a single charge, you can trim the dog hair for the longest time.

The lithium-ion battery will last for up to 90 minutes, giving you enough time to cut your dog’s hair. You will know if the battery level is running low on the LED display.

Also, the battery aspect of the machine allows you to have a cord-free trimming; hence you can navigate every part of the dog and groom it well. Also, you can trim the dog’s hair when you connect the clipper to a power source.

The clipper has a removable finger grip that ensures you have maximum control when cutting the dog’s hair. Below are the cons and pros of this clipper to watch out for when shopping.


  • Comes with a powerful 5500 strokes motor
  • Offers constant speed control which ensures faster trimming of the dog’s hair
  • It has a 5-in-1 blade technology. This boosts the shaver’s performance
  • One year warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries


  • It is not suitable for use in countries outside the USA
  • Expensive on a fixed budget

3. Wahl 8786-1001 Cordless Clipper Kit 

When it comes to quality and durable clippers, no other company is more popular in the industry than Wahl. Wahl clippers for professional pet grooming are famous for their high-speed motor and multifunctional blades, and this Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper is no exception.

The clipper comes with an SPM/RPM single speed rotary motor that runs at 5500 strokes per minute. It means that you can use it to trim your Bichon Frise and other bigger dogs in the shortest time possible.

This type of clipper has a simple design to ensure you take complete control of it when shaving the dog.  It weighs 7.9 ounces only, which makes it lightweight on your hands when shaving.

It comes with two NiMH battery packs. The battery will last of up to 80 minutes, giving you enough time to trim the dog’s hair. You can also use the clipper when you connect it to the electricity source.

The clipper comes with 5-in-1 blade technology that makes it suitable for shaving dogs with long hairs.

You can use its cordless option to navigate different parts of the dog, such as legs, ears, face, throat, and muzzle.

Apart from the functionality, the clipper comes with a charger, a charging stand, and a plastic attachment guide.

The manufacturer of this clipper has put more work on the technology and design of the clipper. It stands out for its slim and lightweight design.

The slim and lightweight design reduces wrist fatigue; therefore, you can use it to trim many breeds of dogs per day without feeling tired. Here are the pros and cons of this clipper to look out for when shopping.


  • Come with a slim and lightweight body that reduces wrist fatigue
  • Has a high-speed motor
  • Two NiMH battery that runs for 80 minutes
  • Comes with an adjustable 5-in-1 blade technology
  • Has an accessory kit for enhanced trimming
  • Does not overheat hence safe when trimming sensitive parts on your pet
  • The cordless feature makes it more flexible for trimming


  • It comes with a single-speed motor
  • The clipper can break if it falls on the floor because the body is not so sturdy

4. Wahl 8868-100 Figura Cordless Clipper Kit 

Like most of the clippers in the Wahl series, this Wahl 8868-100 professional clipper stands out from the rest of the park for its quality and durability.

The clipper comes with a high-power motor that runs at 6,000 strokes per minute. This speed is amazing if you are going to trim many dogs all day.

The motor runs on a Lithium-Ion battery with a run time of 80 minutes. For an additional five minutes runtime, you can recharge the battery for just 10 minutes. The device has a battery recharge stand that makes it more convenient.

The clipper comes with a 5-in-1 blade technology facilitates the adjustment of different blade sizes when trimming.

Apart from the blade efficiency, the clipper only weighs 9.6 ounces, which reduces wrist fatigue when trimming. It also has a slim body that enhances the grip on your hand. 

The manufacturer has included other accessories on the clipper to make it more effective. It comes with a charger, cleaning brush for Bichon Frise, storage case, blade oil, and user guide. With this clipper at your disposal, you can trim your Bichon Frise and other pets comfortably.

The blade technology the manufacturer has used on the device makes it suitable for navigating the different parts of Bichon Frise, such as the neck, legs, and throat, when shaving it. 

What makes this product unique from the rest of the pack is the quality assurance that the manufacturer performs on it. It comes with a one-year product warranty to give you peace of mind when shopping.


  • The clipper does not overheat
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty on parts
  • It comes with 5-in-1 blade technology for enhanced trimming
  • It is suitable for all dog breeds
  • The manufacturer provides a user guide
  • It comes with a charging stand and blade oil
  • It has a high-speed  and quiet motor
  • The battery runtime is 80 minutes. That means you can groom your pets seamlessly.


  • A bit expensive
  • It lacks some grooming accessories

5. Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Clippers for Grooming Pets

Oster Golden A5 is a high-quality clipper that you must have for trimming your Bichon Frise. The clipper comes with a two-speed quiet motor that runs at 2100/2700 strokes per minute.

The motor runs quietly; hence it does not scare away the pet when shaving it.

Of all the Oster clipper series, Oster Golden A5 stands out for its durability and efficiency. It is one of the finest models of this brand of clippers because of its detachable Cryogen-X#10 Blade technology.

You can use this clipper to trim different dog breeds by simply adjusting the blade to navigate different parts of the dog like the neck and legs.

With its two-speed motor, you can switch easily from the low speed to the high speed and find one that suits your trimming style.

This way, you can groom your Bichon Frise dog in whichever style you want. Oster Golden A5 weighs 1.97 lbs only and has a slim body.

The lightweight body and slim design makes it more convenient and comfortable to use. The clipper does not cause more wrist fatigue hence suitable for trimming many dogs.

If you are working on a fixed budget, then it is the right clipper to go for in the market. The clipper does not include useless features that only make a clipper more expensive.

With this clipper by your side, you are confident of the utmost performance, efficiency, durability, and speed. Here are the pros and cons of this machine to look out for when purchasing it.


  • Two-speed motor
  • Silent when running
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Uses a Cryogenic technology for improved trimming experience
  • More accessories included
  • It is inexpensive
  • Comes with detachable blades
  • Has a chew-proof and unbreakable casing


  • It overheats when you use it for longer trimming sessions

Best Dog Clippers for Bichon Frise The Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you want to take your Bichon Frise for show business or you just want to enjoy having it around the house, you must ensure you groom it well.

It all begins by finding a high-quality and easy-to-use clipper in the market. There are certain factors that you must consider when placing your order for a quality clipper.

Not any clipper in the market is conducive for your dog breed. In this part of the review, we give you some insight and considerations that you must make when shopping for a clipper.

Type of clipper 

There are varieties of clippers in the market suitable for different breeds. One common feature to look out for in a clipper is whether it is corded or cordless.

The choice between a corded and cordless clipper depends on the breed of dog you want to groom. Notably, most dog owners will prefer cordless clippers because they are more efficient to use.

What may put you off from buying a cordless clipper is their durability. Most of the clippers come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The batteries may have a short life span or runtime. If this is the case, then you will have to keep charging the clipper even before you finish grooming the pet. This is annoying.

Instead, you can go for corded clippers that are readily available in the market. The clippers last longer than most of the cordless clippers. However, sometimes they can overheat, especially if they have a high-speed motor with a higher SPM rating.

Notably, the best option for a clipper is one that comes with both cordless and corded features.

The rotary speed 

The motor speed is another vital factor that you must consider when shopping for a quality clipper. Clippers are either single-speed or two-speed.

Ideally, rotary speed refers to how many times the clipper blade will rotate per minute.

If the rotary speed rating on the clipper is higher, then it takes the shortest time to groom your pet. A clipper is more powerful if it has a high rotary speed.

As a beginner in dog clipping, you can opt for single-speed clippers because they have a simple setup and are easy to use.

However, for professional dog grooming, dual-speed clippers are the best you can opt for in the market.

They are suitable for detailed cutting of hair insensitive areas like legs, throat, muzzle, and ears. They take the shortest time and do not overheat when in operation.

What may stop you from buying two-speed clippers is their weight. Since the manufacturer includes a lot of features and accessories on the machine to make it more powerful and effective, it is relatively heavier than a single-speed clipper.


When buying a clipper, you must check to find out if it produces quiet or low vibration. A high vibration clipper may not be conducive if you are grooming a younger pet for the first time.

Clippers with noise and vibration will affect your pet if you are going to use it in trimming the hair in sensitive parts of the dog.

That means, if your dog is more sensitive or doesn’t like the noise that comes from a clipper, then you must find one that has low and quiet vibration.

Ideally, when shopping for a clipper, you should avoid those with a smaller size. The smaller the clipper the more intense your pet is likely to feel its vibration. However, not all bigger clippers produce high vibrations; some are quiet and low.

Weight and size

If you are looking for a clipper that you can use to groom many dogs in a day, then go for the lightweight clippers. Lightweight clippers weighing less than 10 ounces will cause less wrist fatigue. The low weight and reduced wrist fatigue makes it possible to shave for long without feeling tired.

A lightweight clipper is the best option for grooming your Bichon Frise. The lightweight clipper does not slow you down while trimming. Also, if the clipper has a smaller size, you can use it to navigate sensitive areas of the dog, like the throat, ears, and neck.


Grooming your Bichon Frise pet can be so challenging if your clipper lacks the right blade size and type. This is because different parts of the dog will require a different size of the blade for you to trim the hairs well.

Blade number 10 and seven are the most common when grooming your dog. A longer blade is suitable when working on sensitive areas like face and ears.

Therefore, when shopping for a clipper for your Bichon Frise, you should go for a clipper with more blade size options. Clippers with detachable blade technology are the best in this case.

Best Dog Clippers for Bichon Frise Wrap up

If you are looking forward to Grooming a Bichon Frise and other breeds of dogs, then you must be keen when selecting a clipper.

Not all clippers in the market are suitable for your dog breed. There are important factors you must consider. These include price, weight, size, rotary speed, and more.

The five clippers we have mentioned in this review are some of the best you can shop for in the market.  

You can always refer to this review whenever you plan to purchase the best clippers for Bichon Frise and keep your favorite dog clean and well-groomed.

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