15 Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements 2021 [Detailed Buyer’s Guide]

The world is an interesting place to live in. While some pet owners are struggling to get their kitties to lose weight, others are busy trying to give theirs a weight gain boost.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you find a healthy diet option for your cat. It should be healthy and you should always strive for them to have healthy weight.

Talking about healthy weight, the best cat weight-gain supplement is one that has what it takes to boost muscle growth. It should also have a healthy supply of healthy fats.

Our Top Pick

In the following few lines, we’d like to talk about 15 such supplements.

Each one of them has its fair share of pros and cons so read on to find out which one wins.

Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements

Best-Rated 15 Cat Weight Gain Supplement in 2021: Comparison Table

Our competent team of reviewers has tested different weight gain supplements for cats and here now is a list of our top picks.

We have them discussed in great detail in the paragraphs that follow.

Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements

Product Name Dimensions Weight
41dGhnYH+pL. SL160
942 Reviews


Nutri-Vet 3-Ounces Multi-Vite Paw-Gel for Cats 2.25 x 1.5 x 6 inches 3 Ounces
3,358 Reviews
Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer for Dogs 2.56 x 2.56 x 7.87 inches 18.4 Ounces
411HKM5CngL. SL160
25,736 Reviews
Zesty Paws Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs 8.9 x 3.5 x 4.1 inches 31.68 Ounces
1,079 Reviews
Vedco 5 Oz Enercal High-Calorie 7.1 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches 5.6 Ounces
41hl1tF6prL. SL160
401 Reviews
Dog and Cat Kidney Support Dogs and Cats 7 x 3.3 x 3 inches 17.12 Ounces
31UcT35aDhL. SL160
3,124 Reviews
Vetoquinol Nutritional Oral Gel Supplement 2.5 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches 4.32 Ounces
41iHWIQXjiL. SL160
1,478 Reviews
RestoraPet Organic Pet Supplement for Dogs 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 inches 3.84 Ounces
1,509 Reviews
Oxbow 2.5-Ounce Carnivore Care Pet Supplement 7.5 x 2 x 5.25 inches 2.47 Ounces
51X+yJSQOTL. SL160
217 Reviews
Ample 7.05 Oz Nutrition Digestive Enzyme for Dogs 3.8 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches 4.94 Ounces
41+KooKwHQL. SL160
561 Reviews
Tomlyn 4.25 Nutritional Supplement Gel for Dogs 1.75 x 1.25 x 7.25 inches 1.6 Ounces
31gwC7UVP2L. SL160
206 Reviews
TOMLYN Felovite II Nutritional Supplement Gel for Cats 0.02 x 0.02 x 0.02 inches 1.6 Ounces
41VPhOdPZ5L. SL160
322 Reviews
Revival Animal Health Nutritional Energy Supplement 9.45 x 3.39 x 1.73 inches 4.25 Ounces
31 beczBYRL. SL160
1,302 Reviews
Pet’s Choice 5-Ounces Nutri-Vyte Nutritional Supplement 1.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches 0.48 Ounces
4168zcdr 9L. SL160
23 Reviews
Mark & Chappel 2.4-Ounce Nurish-UM Paste for Cats 2.25 x 1.38 x 5.5 inches 2.4 Ounces
51ITnGM6MuL. SL160
313 Reviews
Lexelium Weight Gainer and Appetite Stimulant 7.87 x 5.04 x 1.85 inches 7.55 Ounces

The 15 Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements:

1. Nutri-Vet 3-Ounces Multi-Vite Paw-Gel for Cats

This is yet another nutritious product from the hands of Nutri-Vet. Based on its formulation, it contains high-quality minerals and multivitamins that can be great for keeping your feline friend in peak conditions.

With its real taste of Salmon flavor, this supplement is highly palatable, and your pet can love the taste.

Apart from that, the formula is excellent for all sizes of dogs. Besides, it is a perfect antioxidant that much supports immune system health.

Not to mention, this product contains Vitamin B-complex that is vital in supporting the effective functioning of the Nervous system.

Moreover, it promotes brain, skin, hair, and liver and muscle health.

What’s more? It is veterinary-formulated and contains no corn, soy, petroleum jelly, no artificial preservatives, and flavors.


  • Highly nutritive
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Great for all cat sizes
  • Promotes immune system health
  • Affordable
  • Highly palatable


  • Some cats may not love the taste

2. Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer for Dogs & Cats

Healthy weight in cats is one of the indicators of wellness. However, some weight loss in your feline friend may be drastic and only becomes noticeable when at the worst stage.

Even though this may be due to sickness, in most cases, it may occur due to changes in Cat’s diet and feeding habits.

Fortunately, most of the cases of weight loss in your feline’s friend may require nothing other than a diet rich in body-building nutrients. You should also way from cat weight loss food.

And that’s why this Miracle Vet high-calorie weight gainer can be handy in restoring your cat’s healthy weight.

That said, this product contains 150 high-quality calories per Ounce, out of which 130 are from healthy fats proven to boost weight within a couple of days.

Not to mention, it also contains fish oil as the main ingredient, has zero Trans-fats and contains tons of benefits. Also, it is all-natural and easy to use due to its liquid state.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Easier to work with
  • Highly nutritive
  • Contains high-quality protein


  • A bit costly than other weight gain supplements.
  • Other cats may never feed on it voluntarily.

3. Zesty Paws Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats.

It is yet another fantastic weight gain supplement for cats made by Zesty Paws Company. Without any doubt, this is one of the best products that can restore the depreciating wait in cats real quick.

If you’re looking for the best supplement to grow your cat weigh incredibly, then look no further.

With that said, this product contains pure salmon oil that is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids from DHA and EPA. The Omegas promotes soft skin and coat.

Other than that, the omegas from salmon oil are proven to improve the immune system of your four-legged friend as well as supporting the joint and heart function.

More interestingly, the liquid form of this supplement makes it an excellent supplement for pet-owner looking for an alternative for soft chews and capsules.


  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6
  • Easy to use in just a few pumps
  • FDA-certified
  • Contains no toxic chemicals


  • Too fishy
  • Sells expensively

4. Vedco 5 Oz Enercal High-Calorie Nutritional Supplement Gel

Anyone looking at the image of this product might underestimate what this supplement can do. But the truth remains that it may be what your haired-friend needs to grow strong and healthy- healthy.

Based on its high-calorie content, this supplement is ideal for small, medium, and large dogs regardless of the bread. That said, one teaspoonful of this gel contains 26 calories.

Also, it contains high-quality ingredients professionally and skillfully blends to give a healthy cat with excellent coat and skin condition.

Not to mention, this gel is easy to work with and contains some of the vital mineral supplements that promote healthy growth.

With a daily one teaspoonful per one pound of body-weight, this product fixes the problem of weight loss within a couple of days.


  • Highly-nutritive
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemical
  • Recommended by the vets
  • Highly palatable


  • Doesn’t come with explicit instruction for use
  • Some cats don’t love it that much

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5. Dog and Cat Kidney Support Dogs and Cats

Looking for a weight supplement that will protect your feline friend’s kidney?

We’ve got you covered. This product offers 100% protection to pets, and your cat isn’t an exception. That said, it is optimized to provide the most for a healthy and well-functioning kidney.

Since we understand how the health of your pet can impact your family’s happiness, this product has a formula that takes care of the renal and urinary tract. With the use of this supplement, deathly problems such as renal failure become an issue of the past.

Also, this product contains Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, and high-value DHA and EPA Omega 3 that are in an accurate proportion that promotes your pet’s recovery.

Perhaps, this is the supplement that your feline’s friend requires to get back to healthy body weight.


  • Great for promoting kidney health
  • Contains scientifically measured Omega
  • Promotes Urinary truck health
  • Low protein content
  • Features essential vitamins and Beta carotene.


  • Isn’t tasty for some pets
  • Highly-priced

6. Vetoquinol Nutritional Oral Gel Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Looking for the best cat weight gain supplement? If so, you needn’t worry as we’ve made the work easy for you. And this product is one of the top-rated products that can give your pet a new shape.

Vetoquinol Nutri-Cal can be the best bet for your feline friend. However, you have to master the dosage since it is a concentrated source of calories and vitamins.

In terms of formulation, this product is known to contain high quantities of calories that are necessary for a quick weight gain.

More interestingly, it contains Omega-3 and six essential acids that promote brain, heart function, and robust immune system.

Due to its high palatability and digestion, this supplement can be great for growing kittens and puppies. Also, it contains no trash and provides the extra energy needed by a growing pet.


  • Straight forward to administer
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Safe and free from harmful chemical compounds
  • Recommended by vets
  • Tasty for cat’s
  • Can use it as a treat or a snack
  • It contains Omegas necessary for healthy growth.


  • Molasses syrup isn’t such healthy
  • It takes time to mix.

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7. RestoraPet Organic Pet Supplement for Dogs, Cats & Horses

If you’re looking forward to having your cat gain weight steadily, then you need to look for a great supplement with high-quality nutrients balanced in the right proportions. And that’s why we present to you this product.

Believe it or not, this organic pet supplement can be pretty great for promoting a healthy weight gain and supporting the heart, brain, and immune system functions.

Also, this product is organically formulated with 11 antioxidants, which eliminates joint pain, increases muscle strength, and improves mobility. That said, this supplement keeps the dog active comfortable and robust.

Moreover, its organic non-GMO formula features Vitamin E, Lutein, CoQ10, high DHALEPA Omega 3, Linoleic acid, and Zeaxanthin.

Based on its formulation, this product is one of the vet’s choice supplements and proven to improve kittens’ coat and overall well-being.


  • Organically-made
  • Non-antibiotic
  • Multi-functional
  • Promotes healthy weight gain
  • Improves body hydration and immune system health


  • Not tasty to all cats

8. Oxbow 2.5-Ounce Carnivore Care Pet Supplement

Worried about your cat’s health condition, and you’re looking for the best supplement to keep her going? Well, someone must have had you in mind.

With this highly digestible and palatable food supplement for cats, your pet can get back to reasonable body condition within a few days.

Without any doubt, this Oxbow-made supplement for cats has a specific formulation to give pets with complications enough energy and strength for a quick recovery to reasonable body condition.

Not to mention, this product contains about 48%, 33% fats, and high-quality vitamins that provides core nutritional requirement and promotes robust weight gain.

Besides the powerful formula, this product is overly easy to work with since it only needs the addition of water to the cat’s meal.

When it comes to your pet’s safety, this supplement is made up of high quality and carefully sourced ingredients that guarantee the production of poison-free products safe for your cat.


  • It is high in protein and fats necessary for a rapid weight gain
  • Powerful formula
  • Highly digestible and palatable supplement
  • Tasty for many cats


  • May not be as useful as expected
  • Some cats may not love the taste.

9. Ample 7.05 Oz Nutrition Digestive Enzyme for Dogs & Cats

Cat forms part of almost every family. Due to their cleanliness-loving nature, these fur-babies are lovely and cherished by everyone.

 And that’s why you treat them as you would do to your baby. However, a problem arises when your pet drastically loses weight and sober health.

But that shouldn’t be a bit worry though we understand how it would impact your happiness.

With some of the best supplements such as Apple Nutritional digestive Enzyme for cats and dogs, your pet can regain a god health condition within a few days.

That said, this product is one of the vets-approved pet food supplement that can be great for your feline’s friend.

More importantly, this nutritional digestive enzyme is excellent when it comes to your pet’s digestion.

Even if you always supply high-quality food to your pet, poor digestibility may make it less useful to your cat. Fortunately, that’s the core importance of this supplement.

That said, this product improves digestibility and helps your cat to make the best out of every meal.


  • Improves digestibility
  • Adds value to pets food
  • Naturally made with no harmful chemicals included.
  • Great for cats and dogs


  • Has a smell that may keep choosy cats off

10. Tomlyn 4.25 Nutritional Supplement Gel for Dogs and Cats (Nutri-Stat)

Nutri-stat is one of the best supplements for aging cats.

Also, it is excellent for cats suffering from illness, stress, whelping, surgery, and aging ones. Perhaps, it could be useful for your plain and picky eater too.

Not to mention, this product is veterinarian-recommended and contains high-quality nutrients necessary for the nourishment of your lovely pet.

Besides, it has a formula that contains high calories, vitamins, and other carefully sourced and rationed ingredients that makes it ideal for cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens.

That said, this supplement has an irresistible taste that makes the pets to love and crave for it. Nevertheless, this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that making it more risk-free


  • Delicious with an irresistible taste
  • Enhanced with vitamins
  • Contains high-calorie value
  • it stimulates a great appetite.
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Has diverse uses
  • Has no side effects


  • Not cheap for some buyers
  • Not all cats may love it

11. TOMLYN Felovite II Nutritional Supplement Gel for Cats & Kittens

It is yet another great cat-food supplement with a specific formulation that will give your pet the best body shape.

With fish as its main ingredient, this supplement has an irresistible taste of natural Tuna that will make even the selective and picky feline’s friend to cherish and crave for it.

Also, this TomLyn-made product contains high-quality vitamins A, D, E, and concentrated minerals that are essential for the development of healthy eyes.

And on top of that, these minerals promote excellent functioning of the heart and other muscular-skeleton tissue.

More interestingly, Felovet contains no harmful chemicals or contaminants that deteriorates the quality of this highly nutritious supplement

What’s more?

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that makes it risk-free. If you’re a risk-perverse person, then this product must have been meant for you.

Besides that, these supplements promote the growth of healthy bones that makes a strong and active cat.


  • Rich in Vitamin A, D, and E
  • Contains real tuna flavor that your cat will love
  • Features essential minerals in the formula
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Has a 100% satisfaction


  • May not work well for all pets

12. Revival Animal Health Nutritional Energy Supplement for Dogs

Since our cats are non-vegetarians by nature, they always crave for a meaty taste in every meal. And that’s why it would be essential to go for supplements that contain meat flavor to quench the craving for your pet.

If you’re looking for a supplement with real roasted beef and liver, this product would be a perfect fit.

With that said, this formula contains fish oil, soybean oil, water, and malt syrup. Also, it includes sources of Iodine, Vitamin E, Potassium, a supplement for Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, and a source of Vitamin B12, and much more.

Also, this supplement comes in appetizing formulation featuring roasted beef and liver flavor that makes your cat crave for it.

Other than that, this supplement comes in a gel formulation that makes it easy to administer.

What’s more? It contains a high calories concentration that is necessary for weight gain and keeping the cat active and healthy.


  • Contains high-Calorie value
  • Has appetizing and irresistible flavors
  • Comes in Gel formulation that is easy to administer
  • Rich in Vitamins and minerals
  • List Element


  • To concentrated for cat’s consumption
  • Contains grain in the formula

13. Pet’s Choice 5-Ounces Nutri-Vyte Nutritional Supplement

It is another supplement that you can add to your list based on its high nutritional quality. While looking for the best cat weight gain may not be easy, we had you in mind.

With this nutritionally rich product, nothing can stop your feline friend from adding a commendable weight.

With that said, this product is handy whenever your cat develops an unusual nutritional habit. Be it due to stresses that come due to travel, storm, and surgery recovery, Nutri-Vyte Nutritional Supplement provides the best fixes.

Nevertheless, this supplement contains vitamins, minerals as well as Omega 3,  6, and 9 that are necessary for improved immune system functioning.

What’s more? Other than that, the gel also promotes efficient cardiovascular functions that will keep your pet healthy and active

. Pros

  • Tasty gel formula
  • Contains high-calorie value
  • Suitable even for pets with particular nutritional need
  • Contains Omega 3, 6, and 9
  • Contains mineral
  • Rich in vitamins


  • Not risk-free
  • May not be tasty for all cats
  • A bit expensive.

14. Mark & Chappel 2.4-Ounce Nurish-UM Paste for Cats

Does your cat feed well or goes off food? Well, you needn’t worry. We understand how discouraging it can be for you when your lovely pet begins to ignore her usual diet.

Fortunately, it isn’t an emergency, and you can fix it pretty fast using this highly nutritive supplement. That said, this Mark & Chappell-made supplement is fortified with essential minerals and is excellent even from cats recovering from illnesses.

If you notice that your cat no longer enjoys her favorite dish, it’s time to act and help her recover quickly from any stress.

Based on its formulation, this Nutri-Vit Plus is not only formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for adult cats, but also for Convalescing kitten suffering from the loss of appetite.

Pros – Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements

  • Has a great taste that your cat will love
  • Fortified with minerals and vitamins
  • Great for finicky feeding cats and kittens
  • Essential supplements for a quick recovery
  • Contains high-Calorie value


  • Some cats do not enjoy the taste
  • Not risk-free

15. Lexelium Weight Gainer and Appetite Stimulant for Cats and Dogs

Looking for a supplement to boost your digs weight in a few days? If so, then you’re reading from the right page.

With this 100% Lexelium cat supplement, the opportunities of your cat making incredible weight gain are endless.

Unlike other weight boosters made of artificial ingredients, this product contains natural weight gainers and appetite stimulants that will make the pet to eat well.

Based on its formulation, weight booster comes in powder form and mixes effortlessly with both dry and wet food. Perhaps, that’s what makes it perfect for cats and dogs in need of weight boost.

Not to mention, this product is also great for cats healing from surgery. And more amazingly, this product comes with 100% money back if not satisfied within 30 days.


  • Manufactured in the USA with locally sourced ingredients
  • 100% risk-free
  • All-natural
  • Medically supported elements
  • Free from harmful chemicals

Cons of Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements

  • Expensively priced

How to Choose a Good Cat Weight Gain Supplement

In our view, an awesome supplement is one that ticks all the right boxes in terms of quality, reliability, and affordability.

Let’s get down to the specifics so you get a clearer idea of what to buy.

Caloric Content

Obviously, to gain weight, cats need to eat more calories than they need to function per day. Therefore, an ideal supplement is one that has got lots of them. For this, you want to be sure to check the supplements’ label.

Supplements with 2000 calories and above might help in weight gain for adult cats. Be sure to consult with your vet if unsure of the amounts of calories your kitten needs to get per day.

Type of Supplement – Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements

There are different types of weight-gain supplements and they also come in different shapes and forms. To be specific, you’ll need to make three choices i.e. Gel/paste, liquid or powder forms.

Gel: Some pets prefer gel because it can easily be licked off the finger. Also, the consistency of gel means that it’s quite easy to mix with food, especially wet cat food.

Liquid: You might want to go for liquid form supplements especially if you’re feeding your pet on wet food.

Liquid supplements are recommended for picky cats as it blends well with food (unless it has an acquired taste). Also, some pet parents find it convenient to squirt liquid supplements into their pet’s mouths.

Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements Palatability

It’s always a good idea to go for the highest palatable diet option available. Remember, no matter how nice-looking or high-caloric a diet is, if it doesn’t taste nice, your cat might not use it.

So, you want to look for something that appeals to their senses of taste and smell. You might want to read the different reviews posted about different products on Amazon for this information.

And if still not sure, you can always make a safe best by settling for a supplement with a neutral taste. That way, you can mix it discreetly with the kind of food your pet likes eating.

Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements FAQ

Got some questions related to this topic? We’ve got some responses lined up for you right below.

How can I make my cat gain weight fast?

You can always improve your kitty’s weight by providing them with a high-calorie diet.

Besides that, a trip to the vet can help you know what exactly is preventing them from gaining weight.

What should I feed my underweight cat?

Well, you should feed them in food that’s rich in protein and contains a bit of fat.

An example of a food chart we’d recommend is one with 20% fat and 30% protein for pets fed with dry food. Those eating wet food would do just great with food that has 5% fat and 10% proteins.

Why is my cat so skinny despite eating all the time?

There are many factors that affect cat weight gain habits.

However, the most common of them all is genes and poor eating habits. Another factor is hyperthyroidism which is quite common among cats with thyroid gland tumors. In senior cats, this might be a symptom of kidney failure or diabetes.

Is my cat too skinny?

It is important to always remember that any cat’s optimal weight is dictated by their genes. Different cat breeds put on weight differently.

But generally, if they’re so thin that you can even spot their ribs, they’re likely a tad too thin.

Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements Our Best Pick

Based on our analysis, “Nutri-Vet 3-Ounces Multi-Vite Paw-Gel for Cats” provides the best bang for the bucks compared to other cat weight gain supplements.

Based on its formulation, it contains multi-vitamins and minerals that are great for the brain, nervous, liver, muscles, hair, and skin health.

 Other than that, it contains antioxidants that are the great nervous system and in maintaining your cat in peak condition.

Not to say, it includes no junks such as soy, wheat, and others.

With the above features, this product stimulates an enormous appetite that will make your dog feed optimally and increase in weight quickly. Nevertheless, it is cheaply priced and affordable.

Best Cat Weight Gain Supplements Final Thoughts & Recommendations

If your cat looks too skinny that it’s getting you a bit worried, the good news is that you can take proactive steps to help them put on some healthy pounds.

The guide above lists down some of the great high-calorie nutritional supplements that you can count on.

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