15 Best Cat Water Fountain 2021 (Updated List) + Buyer’s Guide

Unlike other animals, cats have a relatively low thirst drive. This means that they lack the protective instinct to feel thirsty as they near true dehydration. Because of this, your furry friend may be at the risk of dehydration and certain urinary related issues.  For this reason, it is important to keep your cat hydrated all day long.

So, how do you ensure your feline drinks enough water? After all, most cats don’t really like drinking from stagnant water sources. This is where cat water fountains step in.

Compared to still tap water in a bowl, water in a fountain is:

  • Tasty, free of bacteria and harmful microorganisms
  • Aerated and filtered
  • Fresher to drink

What’s more, a water fountainusually entices cats to drink more water as it is more appealing. But with all the different models, it can be hard to identify the best cat water fountain. Don’t worry though, as we took the liberty of compiling a list of the top-rated cat water fountains on the market.

Our Top Pick - Best Cat Water Fountain in 2021 - Comparison Table

Most cat water fountains on the market have striking similarities. This can make distinguishing the best from the others difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled in-depth reviews of the best models so you can make the right decision.







15.9 x 10.6 x 10.5 inches

4.6 pounds


14.6 x 14.8 x 7.5 inches

4.6 pounds


5.5 x 9.5 x 9.8 inches

0.8 pounds


8.3 x 8.3 x 7.3 inches

1.2 pounds


11.7 x 7.7 x 13.8 inches

1.7 pounds


10.7 x 10.7 x 5.5 inches

7 pounds


7.48 x 7.48 x 5.91 inches

1.54 Pounds


6.75 x 10.5 x 8.75 inches

1 pounds


7.17 x 7.17 x 4.72 inches

1.81 Pounds


7.4 x 4.9 x 8.5 inches

1.76 Pounds


12.6 x 11 x 6.3 inches

2.2 pounds


 4.49 x 2.99 x 2.91 inches

10.41 Ounces


4.8 x 8.82 x 7.56 inches

0.46 pounds


 7.32 x 7.32 x 5.12 inches

2 Pounds


11.42 x 11.42 x 7.09 inches

5.73 Pounds

The Best Cat Water Fountain

1. PetSafe Platinum Pet Water Fountain

If you are looking for a cat water fountain that would serve you well in a multi-pet household, the Platinum Pet Water fountain by PetSafe would be an ideal place to start. It is quiet and free-flowing plus is filtered to give the water a fantastic taste.

Let us learn more in our brief review below.

Product Description

This water fountain is made in the USA and has a water capacity of 168oz and is well suited for cats of all sizes or a multi-pet household. It features a replaceable carbon water filter that aims to remove foul odors and tastes, thereby enticing the pet to drink more.

The built-in reservoir aims to enhance easy refilling as well as increases the fountain’s capacity. The fountain pumps make it possible to adjust the water flow as per your pet’s preference while the rubber feet should give the fountain stability and prevent it from slipping.

Other Features and Benefits

One advantage of this fountain is that it is made from BPA-free materials. It, therefore, should not have any toxic effects on your pet.

It is also dishwasher safe, and this makes it easy to clean.

Another benefit is that it operates very silently to keep the pet comfortable and at peace. There is also minimal splashing due to the ramp design so that it does not leave you with a messy floor.

Lastly, it is attractive and can add to the beauty of your household.


  • Minimal splashing
  • Carbon filters keep the water fresh
  • Silent operation


  • Only for indoor use

2. PetSafeDrinkwell 360-Degree Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

With its 360-degree design, this water fountain is ideal for multi-pet households as it allows several cats to drink from the fountain simultaneously. It has an impressive 128oz capacity and can be used by dogs of up to 60lbs as well.

Product Description 

Made in the USA, this fountain offers between 1-5 free-falling streams which should entice your pet to consume more water. It should work well with pets of all sizes, and it features charcoal filters to keep the water fresh by removing foul odors and particles.

The adjustable flow control cap gives you the capability to customize the water flow as per your pet’s preference. It also has a stainless steel design which is not only safe but should also fit into your décor effortlessly.

It is dishwasher safe to make it easy to clean.

Other Features and Benefits

To start with, the fountain features plastic sprout heads made of BPA-free plastic, and this assures you that your pet should be safe while consuming water from this fountain.

It has a foam filter that keeps out hair and debris and as a result, contributes to the freshness of the water.

Although the ramp minimizes splashing, the stainless steel fountain produces some sound of flowing water which tends to attract some cats.


  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Minimal splashing


  • Filters need constant changing

3. PetmateReplendish Gravity Waterer

As the name suggests, this waterer utilizes the force of gravity to dispense fresh water for your cat. It is different from other gravity water dispensers due to the filtration system that removes debris and chlorine so that the water remains fresh and tastier to the cat.

Product Description

This Petmate water dispenser is made in the USA and is available in three different colors and four sizes. It uses gravity for water to flow from the bottle into the tray. Moreover, this bottle is easy to unscrew and remove from the bowl to allow for an easy refill.

The dispenser features one charcoal filter to aid in keeping the water fresh. Further, the replacement filters are readily available in the market.

There is also the Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection that should play a big part in preventing the accumulation of stain and bacteria in the base.

Other Features and Benefits

First, this dispenser automatically refills the bowl. Therefore, you can leave your pet the whole day with it, and its water needs would still be catered for.

Then, it allows for outdoor use, and so your pet can easily access the water while taking a break from playtime in the backyard.

The plastic base is BPA-free and should assure you of the pet’s safety.

Lastly, the fact that it is available in four different sizes implies that it caters for pets of all sizes.


  • Has a filtration system to keep the water fresh
  • Automatic refills
  • Allows for outdoor use


  • The water level can be too low

4. Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain

If you are looking for a budget-friendly cat water fountain, the Catit Flower Fountain would be a reasonable place to start. It is affordable, has a stunning flower design plus it has a convenient height for kittens and the smaller cat breeds.

Product Description

This pet fountain has three different water flow settings that should entice your pet to drink more water, as its preferences would have been catered for. It features a dual-action water softening filter plus an energy-efficient pump to ensure that the filtration process is a constant operation.

This filtration system should ensure that the water is free from foul odor, chemicals, or debris.

It has an ergonomic design and does not take up too much floor space.

Other Features and Benefits

The first benefit of this fountain is that it has a BPA-free construction which should ensure your pet is safe and free from toxic chemicals.

It is also easy to set up and assemble. Disassembling too is straightforward for easy cleaning.


  • Very affordable
  • Attractive design
  • BPA-free and safe construction


  • For cats only

5. PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station with a Stainless Steel Bowl

Are you a pet owner looking for a water dispenser that does not need electricity to run? Look no further as the PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station is here for you. It relies on the force of gravity to dispense water from the reservoir into the bowl and is ideal for the cats and dogs in your household.

Product Description

Made in the USA, the Healthy Pet Water Station is available in three capacities, i.e., 1gal, 2.5gal, and 5gal. It features a removable stainless steel bowl which is also a multi-purpose bowl that you can also use for feeding the pet.

The reservoir is constructed from sturdy and BPA-free plastic plus it tightly locks in place to eliminate the incidences of knock-overs and spills.

The bowl is dishwasher safe and is effortless to disassemble for easy cleaning.

Other Features and Benefits

Some pets tend to have an allergic reaction to plastic, and therefore, the stainless steel bowl would be appropriate for all pets.

Then, there is an internal control valve that ensures no overflows would occur.

Another benefit is the optional filter that you can use to remove odor, chlorine, and any other debris from the water.

Lastly, the capacities are large enough to last for days, and you do not have to be there for the refilling to take place.



  • It does not dispense water from the reservoir till it is completely dry

6. iPettieTritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

If you are looking for a cat water fountain that gives you the luxury of refilling it only once a week, the Ceramic Fountain by iPettite would be a decent pick. It has an impressive capacity of 2.1 Liters plus the water should be more oxygenated due to the three streams of falling water.

Product Description

This fountain is constructed out of high-quality ceramic which is non-toxic to assure you that your pet is entirely safe in consuming water from the fountain. It features three stages of purification to give your pet the freshest water around.

It operates quietly plus is energy-saving with up to 20000 hours long life.

The fountain is easy to assemble, and it comes with an instruction manual just in case you need to refer.

Other Features and Benefits

Apart from the low energy consumption, this fountain operates silently, a feature which favors some cats. This is also ideal for you if you dislike such pumping noise in your household.

It is easy to use while cleaning too is a breeze.

The triple falling design is attractive and should entice your pet to drink more water.


  • Non-toxic construction
  • Impressive capacity
  • Easy to assemble


  • Needs regular cleaning

7. Veken Automatic Pet Fountain

For the busy pet owners, a pet water fountain would be vital in ensuring that your cat is always hydrated. An excellent example of an appropriate fountain is the Veken Automatic Pet Fountain that is specially designed for small and medium-sized pets.

Product Description

The Veken Pet Fountain features a triple filtration system that minimizes the amount of debris and other foreign elements in the water.  It has a capacity of 2.5 liters and has low energy consumption.

The pump operates quietly and is quite durable that it should serve you for up to four years. It has a high-quality PP resin construction that is BPA-free and non-toxic to your pet.

The fountain has three distinct flow designs, flower bubble, flower waterfall, and gentle fountain. All of these should cater to your pet's preferences.

Other Features and Benefits

The constant circulation of water ensures that the water is always oxygenated and fresh. There is also the Silicone pad that catches the splashing water to minimize the incidence of messy floors.

It has an impressively large capacity which should ensure your pet is always hydrated when you are away. The low energy consumption means that you can leave it running all day long without much worry.

Lastly, it is easy to clean and can withstand constant use by the pet.


  • Low energy consumption
  • BPA-free construction
  • Has a triple-filtration system for clean and freshwater


  • Not for the large pets

8. Ani Mate Cat Pet Fountain

Are you looking for a low-maintenance and low energy consumption pet fountain? Your search should end at the Cat Fountain by Ani Mate which consumes roughly 2 Watts of power. Keeping in good condition is also straightforward as you only need to clean the bowl, refill water, and replace the filters.

Product Description

This pet fountain comprises of multi-height drinking stations plus it features an Isolated Pump System that allows for silent operation. The water flow mechanism is fully adjustable to a mode which your pet should be most comfortable with.

The replaceable Polymer carbon filters should play a big part in the water purification process.

It is dishwasher safe and comes with a three-year guarantee.

Other Features and Benefits

This fountain features a ramp which is crucial in reducing splashing that messes your floor. It (the ramp) also allows for a gentle flow of the water plus contributes to the noise-free operation of the entire system.

The multiple heights also give your pet more freedom on where to drink the water from.

It is vet-recommended and comes with a one-year guarantee on the pump and a three-year warranty on the fountain to give you peace of mind as you use it.


  • Has a large 2L capacity
  • Low power consumption
  • Noiseless operation


  • The pump is not durable

9. Mospro Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser

If you are looking for the complete package in a pet water dispenser, the Mospro pet fountain would be a reasonable choice. From the large 2L capacity to the carbon filters for purification plus the warranty service, this fountain should have everything you can ask for from a pet water fountain.

Want to find out more? Check our brief review below.

Product Description

This pet water dispenser has a water reservoir with a 2L capacity that should hold water for up to a month. It is constructed from antibacterial PP resin which is BPA-free and non-toxic, and therefore safe for your pet.

It has up to three water settings so that you can set the one which your pet should be most comfortable with. It comes with two replaceable carbon filters to aid in purifying the water while it has an ergonomic design to occupy minimal floor space.

The fountain is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning.

Other Features and Benefits

The constant water circulation is crucial in ensuring that the water remains fresh for longer.

It features a sizeable recessed sink that allows for more oxygenation of the water. The ergonomic design also means that you can easily move the fountain from one spot to another.

Lastly, it is attractive and operates silently as preferred by some pets.


  • Stunning design
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Has a large 2L capacity


  • The pump is not that durable

10. isYoung Automatic Cat Water Fountain

The isYoung Cat Water Fountain offers three distinct water streaming settings, and your pet should be motivated to drink more water when it finds its preferred mode. It has an attractive design and aims to prevent splashes from messing up your floor.

Product Description

This water fountain is constructed out of PP resin which is BPA-free and non-toxic, thereby should not have any adverse effects on your pet. It has a capacity of 1.6L and should store water for a decent period.

The constituent parts are quick-release and allow for easy disassembly. This should aid in easy cleaning of the device.

It operates silently to give your pet the peace it may need for resting.

Other Features and Benefits

The first advantage is that you can adjust the water flow to your pet’s liking. Then, it comes with a splash mat which should be crucial in keeping your floor safe from unwanted spills.

There is also the built-in water circulator that allows the water to remain cleaner and fresher for longer.

Lastly, it has a compact design to ensure that it does not take up too much floor space.


  • Attractive design
  • The splash mat keeps the floor mess-free
  • Saves on space


  • Not for multi-pet households

11. Wonder Creature Lotus Cat Water Fountain

Another Pet water dispenser that should serve you well if you spend long hours away from home is the Lotus Cat Water fountain from the Wonder Creature brand. It has an impressive capacity of 2.5L which should store water for several weeks to come.

There are several other reasons why we believe this dispenser is worth the hype.

Product Description

This fountain has 360-degree multi-directional streams that offer maximum oxygenation and freshening of the water. It has three water dispensing modes that should entice your pet to consume more water.

It utilizes a dual filtration system for purifying the water while the submersible pump allows for silent operation.

The built-in LED lights aim to make the device more attractive.

Other Features and Benefits

To start with, this device is easy to set up, maintain plus is straightforward to disassemble for easy cleaning.

The dual-filtration process should ensure that your pet only consumes the cleanest and safest water that is free from impurities and debris.

Lastly, the 360-degree mode of water dispensation urges your pet to drink more water, and as a result, its overall health should improve.


  • Large capacity
  • Dual-filtration
  • Ultra-quiet


  • The pump has a short lifespan

12. Happypapa Cat Fountain Water Dispenser

The Happypapa Cat Fountain is also designed to cater to the pets whose owners tend to travel for long durations. It has a large capacity of 2.5L which should last your pet for up to 35 days.

Our brief review should give you a better understanding of this Cat Water Fountain.

Product Description

This pet fountain is made out of BPA-free antibacterial PP resin material which should assure your pet of safety from toxic substances which tend to come from the fountains into the water.

It has three water flow settings so you can adjust to the mode that would be most preferred by your pet. The fountain also has a low power consumption pump and has the capability of operating for up to 10000 hours.

The pump operates silently, and the entire device is easy to clean and maintain.

Other Features and Benefits

The constant water circulation keeps the water fresher with more oxygenation to offer more health benefits to your pet.

Its components are quick-release for easy disassembly and cleaning.


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic construction
  • Large capacity


  • The pump stops working in a few months

13. Pedy Automatic Cat Water Fountain

If you are used to experiencing water overflows in pet water dispensers, the Pedy Cat Water Fountain would be a decent pick. It comprises of several drain holes at the base that aim to prevent the overflows from occurring.

Product Description

This Cat Water Fountain has a capacity of 2L, and it features BPA-free antibacterial PP plastic construction to keep your pet safe from toxins.

It has a submersible pump for a silent operation plus it has a low energy consumption to operate for longer periods.

The carbon water filter should play a big part in purifying the water.

Other Features and Benefits

The fountain features three distinct water flow settings so that your pet can get its preferred design.

It comes with an attractive Daisy Silicone Pad that aims to keep your floor safe from the mess that comes about from splashing water.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Low energy consumption pump
  • Non-toxic construction


  • Not dishwasher safe

14. Moer Sky Pet Water Dispenser

Another Pet Water Dispenser with an eco-friendly construction is the Moer Sky Pet Water Fountain. It is made out of PP resin material which is BPA-free and non-toxic and should be safe for your pet and the surroundings as well.

Product Description

This Water Dispenser has a capacity of 2L and can store water for up to one month. Its pump consumes about only 2W of power and operates silently to give your pet some peace as it gets some sleep.

It has three water flow settings for you to give your pet the one that gives it most comfort. The recessed sink and the water circulation system allow for more oxygenation of the water to provide it with more health benefits.

Other Features and Benefits

This water dispenser comprises of carbon filters which aim to purify the water and thereby enhancing its safety for your pet.

It comes with an attractive silicone mat for absorbing the splashing water and also for adding the beauty of your house.


  • Non-toxic construction
  • Silent pump operation
  • Features three water flow settings for you to choose from


  • The pump breaks down constantly

15. YouThink Pet Water Fountain

The last Pet Water fountain on our list is from the YouThink brand that can work for both cats and dogs. It has a super silent pump, and this makes it ideal for the timid pets which tend to be scared off by the slightest disturbance.

Product Description

Made in the USA, this fountain is constructed out of antibacterial BPA-free PP resin to keep your pet safe from toxins. It has a double filtration system that aims to purify the water to protect your pet from water-borne diseases.

It has four different water flow settings and has an ultra-silent pump with a low monthly power consumption of 1.5 degrees.

The 2L water capacity should be sufficient for your pet for an extended period to come.

Other Features and Benefits

This fountain has a sturdy construction that should ensure the device remains in one piece even if it falls over.

It has an attractive square flower design that should entice your pet to consume more water.

It has a high profile which makes it easier for the pet to access the water.


  • Non-toxic and sturdy construction
  • Attractive design
  • Double filtration for maximum water purification


  • Hard to get the replacement filters

What to Look for in the Best and Most Reliable Cat Water Fountain

Getting your furry friend to drink as much water as possible can feel like an endless struggle. Fortunately, with a cat water fountain, this should not be the case given that cats prefer running water. But that remains the case only if you can find a fountain that best suits your feline’s needs.

So, here are the features to look out for when choosing between the many cat water fountains available.


If you have only one cat in your home, a small water fountain would be the best. However, if you have multiple pets, you might need to invest in a big water fountain. Also, if you've got a larger feline that loves consuming a lot of water, your best option is a fountain with a bigger capacity.

Capacities range from 100 ounces to 200 ounces, or more or less, depending on the fountain’s style. A fountain with a capacity of at least 120 ounces is ideal for pets of sizes or multiple pets.

Filter system

The best water fountain for cats should have a filter system to help minimize impurities in the water. This makes the water taste fresh. Essentially, there are two common types of filter systems including mechanical and chemical filtration.

Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical filter system is designed to prevent drool, kitty hair, dust, and other debris from getting into the fountain. This makes the water look more appealing and keep it clean. Ideally, this system is best for homes with multiple pets or high-shedding cats.

Chemical Filtration

Also known as activated charcoal filtration, chemical filter system comprises of carbon papers designed to absorb toxins and impurities. Besides, this filter system removes odors and bad tastes thereby keeping the water fresh. This mechanism is safe, natural, and more effective. However, you need to replace the carbon papers after every one or two weeks.


When looking for a cat water fountain, you must invest in something made of high-quality and durable materials. Generally, there are three different material options including ceramic, BPA-free plastics, and stainless steel. While all these materials are great, each has its own pros and cons including:


Fountains made from this material are easy to clean and most of them are dishwasher safe. Also, ceramic does not scratch or stain like plastic. However, they are relatively heavy and liable to break when dropped.

BPA-free Plastic

Plastic fountains are durable and lighter making them easy to maneuver. Unfortunately, they easily scratch and can be hard to maintain once pitted or even scratched.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel fountains are known to be easy to clean, light in weight, more hygienic, and extremely durable. However, since its metal, it can affect the taste of the water.

Ease of maintenance

This feature requires careful consideration, especially for extremely busy cat owners. And if your cat’s water fountain is not easy to maintain, chances are that you will not clean it often. For this reason, finding a water fountain that is dishwasher safe is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still not sure where to start in looking for a water fountain, we hope this FAQ section will help you.

Are water fountains safe for cats?

Yes but you need a fountain with a filter system to ensure the water is free of impurities and odor-free. You also need to change the filters regularly to ensure the fountain is bacteria-free and safe for your kitty.

How often should I clean my furry friend’s water fountain?

Water fountains require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep bacteria at bay. You don’t need to clean the fountain daily but bi-weekly maintenance is recommended.

How frequently should you change the water in your cat’s fountain?

You should do it every two to three days.

Where is the best to place my cat’s water fountain?

You should put it where your kitty is most likely to use it. However, you should avoid placing it near their food and litter tray.

Our Top Pick Cat Water Fountain

Overall, the PetSafeDrinkwell Platinum Pet Drinking Fountain is our top pick. It boasts a large water capacity making it perfects for use by multiple pets of all sizes.

Best of all, the fountain features a replaceable carbon filter to get rid of bad tastes and odors. As if that’s not enough, it is dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Final Thoughts

Dehydration is very dangerous for cats and can lead to many problems including urinary tract infections, chronic kidney problems, and more. Therefore, investing in one of the best water fountains for your furry friend is important.

All the options we have reviewed above are worth your money and time. However, in the end, it’s up to you to choose the best cat water fountain. All you need is to keep your cat’s preferences in mind.

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