12 Best Cat Litter Box 2020 for the Money

Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” so goes the Biblical saying. We believe the same principle should also apply to our cats since they are practically part of the family.

You should strive to keep them well-fed and also provide places where they can lie comfortably and do their stuff without unsettling everyone in the household.

This is where an investment in best cat litter box would come in handy. Finding the top one should be your top priority just as it is for your feline friend.

But what do you look for in a litter box for your pet?

  • It should be easily accessible by your pet
  • Ensure you have chosen a suitable size
  • Must be well ventilated
  • The sides should be high

Top-Rated 12 Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control: Comparison List

Due to the high number of litter boxes from different brands that are available in the market, you can quickly get confused as you try to get the ideal cat litter box for your pet.Therefore, we shall try to make the selection process as straightforward as possible for your pet in the list below.

The Best Cat Litter Box Reviewed

1. Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan

This litter pan has carbon filters meant to eliminate the odor that comes with pet litter. Once your cat has used the pan, the filters soak up the odor and leave the inside with a fresh smell.

The hood on the litter box is large and lifts up with ease. This allows you to clean the inside and you can replace the liners when they get worn out resulting in your cat using a clean litter box. In addition, the built-in bag anchor ensures the box stays open during scooping away.

Key Features

Catit jumbo is spacious and can accommodate up to four of your cats at one go. When you have many cats, you need to clean your litter box more frequently as it is used many times.

With this product, the space allows for more uses without the place being messy until your next cleaning time.

The four locking tabs keep the litter pan intact and stable. The tabs are four in number and are located on the sides enabling the pan to stay in position even when your cat moves in the box or scratches after use, as they usually do.

The tabs also hold the two parts of the box together and prevent accidental opening and spillage.

More Information

The material used to make this cat pan is plastic in nature. This means it is durable and resistant to leak and tear. You can simply clean it with a damp rag and have it ready for use immediately. Moreover, the surface below the litter box stays dry at all times as nothing can leak out.

Your cat can scratch on the box with its paws but both the inside and outside are unlikely to tear.

The hooded design gives your cat the privacy it deserves when using the litter pan. The door that is transparent and removable. The rest of the box is covered with opaque plastic and your cat has to get in.

Unfortunately, you have to be present to open or close the door whenever necessary for your cat. We recommend that you remove the door completely so your cat can have access anytime.


  • The liners in this litter box are replaceable
  • Cleaning Catit Jumbo is easy
  • The handle at the top part makes the litter box portable
  • The space inside the box can accommodate up to four cats


  • The door is difficult for your cat to operate

2. Modkat Flip Cat Litter Box

This litter box has a seamless base, therefore, your cat’s litter will not scatter on to the floor or leak out even when your cat decides to spray pee on the sides of the wall. This keeps the surface and area around the litter box clean and mess-free.

The lid of Modkat opens in three different positions. You can close it completely, open it halfway or remove the whole lid and have it fully open. As a result, cleaning this litter box is effortless and quick. Furthermore, the side has an opening for your cat’s access even when the lid is closed.

Key Features

This cat litter box has a liner made of tarp that is removable and reusable. The liner helps prevent leaks and it absorbs the odors that are common in pet litter boxes.

The scoop makes litter removal so simple. After opening the lid halfway and accessing the inside, you can easily use the scoop to get your cat’s litter out. The scoop minimizes messes like having the litter smeared around the walls of the box or on your hands.

More Information

The base of the litter box is uniquely designed for stability. It is slightly raised from the ground but does not shake or slip when in use thus providing the required comfort. Moreover, it is all covered to the top and opaque for your cat’s privacy.

Inside this litter box, there are four hooks and a front clip. These ensure the liner is kept in position and your cat is unable to pull it down. The liner is also resistant to tear from your cat’s paws. When properly maintained, a liner can last up to three months.


  • The liner in it is re-useable
  • No scatters and leaks occur with Modkat litter box
  • You have a scoop to use for litter removal
  • The lid on it facilitates cleaning


  • The side opening on this litter box cannot be closed

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3. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

This pet product from Nature’s Miracle is made of land-fill safe and recycled paper. It is therefore tough and will serve you for a while before you can dispose it off. Moreover, you can suitably use it for all types of litter.

The ammonia odors are eliminated by the baking soda present in this litter box. Your cat can have an odorless box for use whenever necessary. Moreover, the material used on it is breathable enhancing airflow. As a result, odor and moisture build-up are prevented.

Key Features

The cat litter box is easy to clean as the inside is filled with litter that will act as the base for your cat to hide its waste and to pee on. After, you scoop your cat’s waste from the litter and dispose it off.

You can use the litter box on its own or as a pan liner. It seems suitable as a liner considering how it is shaped and the fact that it stays open. The design allows it to fit into cages, carriers and boxes. Furthermore, it does not leak to soil the surface below or shred as some plastics do.

More Information

Your cat can easily access the litter box because it is open. However, this means your cat’s waste is exposed and even accessible. In case you have a dog, you may have to put the litter box out of reach or scoop out the waste frequently. This helps prevent the dog from eating your cat’s waste or discarding it all over.

The litter box is unstable as the base is flat and has no form of anchoring. It is more likely to topple over as compared to litter boxes with a base, for example, Modkat litter box. Besides, when you have a big cat, its weight on the sides of the litter box can lead to scatters.


  • You can use it as a pan liner and a litter box
  • This cat litter box is leak-proof
  • It is easy to clean and reusable
  • The baking soda used in the litter box eliminates bad odors


  • This litter box is open, meaning the litter is exposed

4. Good Pet Cat Litter Box

This litter box is made from polypropylene which is durable and easy to clean. Therefore, the litter box will serve your cat for a long time. It is also spacious and I think it can do well when you have many cats as you can use a liner inside the litter box, then you can scoop it out during cleaning.

The litter box is designed to look like a clay pot hence no need to hide it away. It will decorate your house as it comes complete with decorative moss and a plant of high quality. All you have to do is add litter into it.

Key Features

There is a filter vent system on the litter box sides to keep the inside free of dust from the environment. In addition, the system controls odors by allowing air circulation. This prevents moisture accumulation and provides a fresh scent.

This pet product from Good Pet is opaque and closed up with a small access door, thus your cat has privacy when using the litter box. You can place the access opening to face the wall so only your cat can get in to use it. This ensures the dog, if any, does not get the waste.

More Information

Assembling the litter box is simple. You put the top part to the bottom side and it fits well. During cleaning, once you remove the top, you can access the lower part of the litter box that is round in shape.

The shape of this cat litter box enhances stability and the seamless nature prevents leaks. You are unlikely to experience scatters and pee leaks as would happen with seamed bases. Your cat could be big in size but the weight is unlikely to cause the litter box to topple over.


  • This cat litter box resembles a clay pot, therefore, no need to hide it
  • The litter box doubles up as an interior décor complete with decorations
  • The space inside the pot is sufficient for many cats
  • It has a filter vent system to control odor and dust


  • The color on the litter box fades so fast

5. Purina Tidy Cats Litter Box

This cat litter box has a removable absorbent pad that stays at the base. The pad can be accessed via a drawer for replacement after seven days of use. Furthermore, this pad has ammonia blockers for odor elimination leaving the litter box and your house freshly scented.

There are also little pellets that work to dehydrate your cat's waste so they are less sticky and messy. This makes scooping simple and you can use the litter box for up to a month before having to replace the filter pellets. On the flip side, in case you have many cats, you may have to get a litter box for each one of them.

Key Features

The litter box is accessible to your cat as it is open but has no privacy. I doubt if your cat will choose to use it if it is the shy type. Furthermore, your cat's waste is exposed. This can be unhealthy in situations where your dog gets to feed on the cat waste or scatters it all over the house.

The good news is you can effortlessly assemble the litter box because the parts can be placed together and they snap and lock. This is handy during cleaning. In addition, the sidewall is removable and ensures the pellets stay inside the bowl even when your cat tries to get them out.

More Information

This litter box can rest on its base but it is unstable due to the size. This makes scatters common and the pellets can fall to the floor especially when you have a big cat. It would be better to go for the more stable litter box like the Catit Jumbo.

You can use it as a starter kit for your kitten as the size is right both for entry and use. The unfortunate part is that the filter pellets look like food. From customer reviews, some noted that their cats end up eating them and getting constipated as the pellets are indigestible. Keep your eyes peeled and do away with the litter box when it becomes a health hazard to your pet.


  • This litter box has pellets that dehydrate waste for easy scooping
  • The absorbent pads help control odors
  • It has a scoop that you can use to remove your cat's waste
  • This cat litter box is cleanable


  • The litter box stays open all the time

6. Petmate Cat Litter Pan

The litter pan is made from recycled plastic which is environment-friendly and non-toxic to your cat. This material is strong and durable hence it is able to serve your cat for long. Moreover, it is leak-proof as the base is seamless.

Furthermore, it is designed like a box with one opening at the top to keep away dogs. This makes it more suitable for big cats that can jump and get in and out. For your small cat, go for a top entry litter box with a side opening.

Key Features

The flat base on the litter box enhances stability as the walls prevent scatters. For your cat who likes using the sides of the litter box, you do not need to worry any more about floor messes.

The top of the litter box is grated to help clean your cat's paws in case it has any waste it may have collected inside the box as it gets out. This will limit the chances of litter marks on your floor or carpet.

More Information

The rounded edges of this pet product from Petmate make it easy for you to lift and pour out the litter during cleaning. Moreover, the top has handles you can use for lifting when moving the litter box and a hook for hanging the scoop.

You can use removable liners to facilitate cleaning as the base has been designed to accommodate Petmate's pan liners. In addition, it is spacious for use of more than one cat.


  • This litter box is designed for big cats
  • The shape of the litter box enhances stability.
  • The top is grated to clean your cat's paws as they get out
  • The walls are high and opaque for privacy


  • The access opening at the top makes using this box a bit cumbersome, especially for kitties

7. ecoFlex Litter Loo Box

For your small room that lacks a table and it is your cat's favorite place, ecoFlex litter box will come in handy. It is made like a table and it is strong to support your items. At the same time, your cat can use it comfortably for waste and a pet house.

This loo box is made of ecoFlex which is non-toxic and resistant to moisture. This keeps away odors as the sides are vented for air circulation. Furthermore, it less likely to crack, warp or split, meaning it is durable and can last long while serving your cat.

Key Features

Its front door folds down to facilitate cleaning the inside. You just need a damp cloth for wiping and the cat box is ready to be used. It also has enough space where you can place litter boxes for your cat to use.

The base of this cat product is flat and stable. Furthermore, it is sealed to prevent leakage and scatters on your floor. However, I doubt if the vents on the sides for air circulation are leak-proof. When your cat uses the sides of the litter box, the floor is likely to get dirty and cat waste is likely to block the air vents.

More Information

The walls of this cat loo box ensure privacy and it has several access points that your cat can use while keeping the dog away. Moreover, you have two sizes to choose from according to your preferences and your cat's size.

You do not need tools to assemble this cat product together. Likewise, when cleaning, you can disassemble in case you prefer washing it with water and not wiping with a damp cloth.

This litter box seems like a good option for a household with many cats, but you may need litter pans to minimize scatters and pee spillage.


  • This litter box doubles up as a table
  • The front part of the box flips down for simple cleaning
  • The materials used to make it are strong and durable
  • Assembling this litter box requires no tools


  • Your cat's pee can leak from the sides

8. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

This cat product from Iris has a round design which facilitates cleaning. Corners can make scooping of litter somehow difficult. In case you have a cat who loves using the corners, it will no longer give you a hard time. Moreover, the shape allows this litter box to fit into any chosen location.

The bottom part of the litter box is fitted with rubber that is non-skid. Movement is, therefore, less likely to occur when your cat is using it even on the slippery floors. It is also leak-proof as a result of the seamless nature. The surface beneath the box remains dry and clean.

Key Features

The top part of the cat litter box is grooved. This acts as a mat that wipes your cat’s paws when it exits the litter box to prevent litter in the house or on your carpet. In case there is pet waste on the paws, it can remain on the lid’s groves.

The opening at the top of Iris litter box allows your cat to jump in and out with ease. At the same time, the top entry prevents the dog from accessing the inside of the litter box. Furthermore, the high walls are for the purpose of your cat’s privacy. On the flip side, I doubt if the small-sized cats find it easy to use this product.

More Information

When you purchase this cat litter box, it comes with a scoop. The litter box lid has a scoop holder on which you can hang your scoop when not in use. In addition, the lid is strong and can support your cat's weight during entry and exit.

The high walls on this litter box prevent scatters and having a litter on the floor. Your cat is unable to throw litter out and even when the box falls over, nothing is likely to pour out.


  • This litter box has rubber feet that are non-skid
  • The round shapes make cleaning it simple
  • The design of the litter box keeps dogs away
  • The litter box comes with its own scoop


  • Top entry design is suitable for big cats

9. Favorite Cat Litter Box

This is one of the simplest litter boxes to assemble as it is made of two parts that snap and lock. This ensures the litter remains inside. The litter odor is supposed to remain in too, but I doubt if this is possible as there are no odor trappers provided.

Also, the inside part is non-stick. This is important as cleaning is made simple and quick, no litter sticks on the surface.

The top part of the litter box is transparent which is alright as you can monitor your cat. This, however, works against privacy and can be a big deal for a shy pet.

Key Features

The shape of the cat litter pan provides stability and the sides are designed that you are able to hold when carrying. The base is flat and seamless thus leak-proof. The high walls prevent scatters and this litter box is unlikely to topple over, meaning no dirty floors to clean each time your cat uses the litter box.

The front opening of Favorite litter box enables your cat to get in and out with ease. You can also position the litter box to face the wall to keep the dog from accessing your cat’s litter. The unfortunate part is your cat can carry litter on its paws and spread it on the floor or carpet.

More Information

Made of polyethylene that is of high-quality, this litter box is light yet at the same time strong and durable. You can remove the top part which can fit into the lower part when it has been turned upside down. This helps save on space and you can travel with it.

The space in the litter box is enough for several cats to use. You can add disposable liners to reduce the number of times you wash the litter box even when you have many cats. I would, however, recommend this product for one cat.


  • Assembling this litter box is effortless as the two parts snap and lock
  • This litter box is light in weight hence portable
  • The hood on the litter box keeps litter inside
  • The inside is non-stick thus cleanable


  • The top is transparent hence no privacy

10. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The litter box is in two parts, making assembling and using it effortless. When you put the bottom and top together, they snap and lock. This helps retain your cat’s litter in and the hood gives your cat the necessary privacy.

Furthermore, its base allows it to stay flat on the surface and it is steady. Your cat is unlikely to pour the contents out. The access opening is also small to keep your dog away from your cat’s waste.

Key Features

The lid on Omega Paw litter box has a handle that you hold on to access the inside of the box. Inside, there is a patented grill that helps in the separation of clumped waste which is then deposited on to the pullout tray.

As the litter box churns, it produces a lot of dust that is likely to mess your house up. ecoFlex litter box is a better option in this regard.

More Information

Omega Paw is spacious and keeps the odor away even after several uses. Just remember to put enough litter into it so as to avoid clogging.

When you correctly fit the inner parts, the litter box does not leak. Although the pullout tray can get messy when your cat's urine gets into its edges, this can be dealt with by regular checks and cleaning.


  • The litter box is simple to assemble and use
  • The cover on the box gives your cat privacy
  • Omega Paw litter box is very easy to clean
  • The litter box is strong and durable


  • It has no carbon filters to eliminate the odor

11. Clean Pet Cat Litter Box

This litter box has a flat base with molded-in feet. This important as stability matters when your cat is using the litter box. This guards against the unfortunate event that the litter box topples over. However, it has no hood or top which leaves your cat’s litter exposed.

The shield on the back and sides of the box keep the litter from scattering and your cat’s urine from getting to the floor. In contrast, the open end allows litter to fall out when your cat turns and has the hind legs facing the exit. It could easily pass for a good litter box, but the design is ineffective.

Key Features

This litter box has been finished with high-polish for effortless cleaning. The litter does not stick on the surface and the provided scoop helps to facilitate the cleaning task. Furthermore, the seamless base is leak proof.

The material used to make this cat litter box is strong and durable. It is also resistant to moisture enabling it to keep odors away with the help of crystal litters.

More Information

You can assemble this litter box with ease. The upper part of the box fits on to the lower part and is not openable by your cat. When you want to clean, you can disassemble the parts and wash them with water as they will not get damaged.

This litter box has a small space on the inside making it cumbersome for your big cat to turn. In the end, you are likely to have scatters and litter in different places. For your big cat, I would recommend a bigger litter box.


  • This litter box is cleanable with ease
  • The shield on the sides and back of this pet product prevent scatters
  • The flat base provides stability
  • It comes with a litter scoop


  • Litter is carried out on the paws

12. Petsafe Automatic Cat Litter Box

This cat litter box is automatic and easy to use. Once you plug it in, you set the timer to when you want it to start cleaning. You can set it to five or even ten minutes after your pet leaves the litter box.

In addition, it has a sensor which enables you to know how many times your cat has used the litter box. As a result, you can tell when your cat is unwell either by frequent litter box visits or none at all. It is this sensor that detects when your cat has left so the cleaning can start.

Key Features

The crystal litter used in this cat box eliminates odors for weeks absorbing urine and dehydrating your cat’s solid waste. First, you empty the already portioned litter package into the tray. Then you insert it under the litter box for your house and cat’s litter box to stay freshly-scented for long.

The litter tray used with this cat litter box is disposable. When they have served their purpose and you wish to get rid of them, you simply cover with the lid provided and throw it away. No more scooping and cleaning.

More Information

The disposable trays are leak-proof. The plastic lining on them keeps the pee from flowing to the surface below to your floor or carpet. Moreover, the crystal litter does not stick so your cat’s paws are less likely to carry them around.

The base of this Petsafe product is wide and stable. It is unlikely to fall and pour its contents on to your floor and it does not move as your cat uses it. Then the hood enables you to check on your cat and keeps the litter intact.


  • This litter box is automatic
  • The crystal litter used with it eliminates odors
  • It has removable and disposable trays
  • This cat litter box has a motion sensor to monitor your cat’s use of the box


  • The hood is transparent

Buying Guide for Litter Boxes for Cats

There is nothing as annoying as spending your hard-earned cash on a product which ends up being a mismatch with your pet.

Therefore there are several factors to consider so that you get the litter box which would give you and your pet maximum satisfaction.

The size

First and foremost, you would want a litter box which would fit easily in your apartment or room. Choose one that would fit into the corner without sticking out or knocking people over.

Then, it is also vital that you consider your cat. For the small pets, normally any box size would do, but if the cat is large, you have to be careful that the box is not too small.

In general, your cat should have sufficient space to maneuver in the box.

Closed or open housing

You can decide to go for an enclosed litter box, but there are a couple of issues that you would have to deal with. For instance, the foul odor would get trapped in such a box much easily. This would require frequent cleaning than with an open one.

Additionally, it would be harder to detect some issues faster than you would have done in an open box.

It seems the open box is more advantageous, only that it offers less privacy.

Height of the sides

Larger cats prefer higher sides since it would minimize chances of accidents on the edge. As for the small and aging cats, they need low sides to make entry and exit to be easier.


Proper ventilation would ensure there is proper circulation of air in the box, and this would also help in eliminating any foul odor that may exist.

You can also add a filtration system made up of charcoal or carbon filters to aid in the elimination of toxic elements from the box.

Type of Cleaning

There are three modes of cleaning available in litter boxes. There is the basic cleaning which involves scrubbing, cleaning and scooping.

Then, there is the automatic self-cleaning box whereby the box does the job for you.

Lastly, some boxes feature sifting systems which that make the cleaning process to be extremely straightforward. This even allows for daily scooping without utilizing much effort.


Then, after finding a litter box that fulfills most of the vital requirements, you should also consider the aesthetic aspect of the box.

A structure that is pleasant to the eye gives your pet some style and class plus adds to the beauty of the household as well.


Lastly, ensure that whichever box you go for does not leave a dent in your pocket. Although quality tends to rise with the price, the difference between the products in different price ranges is never that significant.

So you can always find a high-quality product at a lower price.

Top models of Cat Litter Boxes


This is an enclosed litter box that aims to give your cat privacy. It is large, and therefore the bigger cats should be comfortable in it.

It features carbon filters for getting rid of foul odors while the hood lifts to allow for easy cleaning.

This box is well-suited for multi-pet households.

Iris Inc. Cat Litter Box

This is another best cat litter box with an enclosed design which features a grooved lid to prevent the scattering of litter.

It features non-skid rubber feet for stability plus has rounded corners to make cleaning the box to be easy.

Lastly, it is delightful to the eye.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

As the name suggests, this box is designed as a plant pot and would, therefore, be less noticeable even if you place it in the middle of your living room.

The interior is highly spacious and features a filtered vent system to regulate dust and odor in the structure.

It occupies minimal space and is ideal for multi-pet households.

Petmate Cat Litter pan

This is another highly-rated top entry cat litter box with high walls and a textured lid that prevents litter from spreading and this means that your house should be cleaner.

It is enclosed with a spacious interior meaning that the larger cats would also be comfortable in it.

Nature’s Miracle High-walled Cat Litter Box

If you want a simple yet effective litter box, the high walled cat litter box by Nature’s Miracle is the way to go. The high sides are handy in preventing litter scatter while the low entrance makes it ideal for aging and younger cats alike.

The surface is non-stick to make it easy to clean. The non-grooved interior and the rounded corners also serve to make scooping dirt and cleaning the box to be more straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are now going to respond to some of the burning questions you might be grappling with to this end.  Here we respond to 4 of those.

What Kind of Litter box should I acquire?

To start with, consider going for a large litter box as it can serve both small and large cats alike. If you have an aging cat or a kitten, ensure you go for a box with low sides so that entry and exit can be effortless.

Additionally, a hooded box would give your pet privacy and also help in controlling the odor from filling the room.

What if I own multiple cats?

As recommended by vets, an extra cat warrants an additional litter box. This means that if you have three cats, you need four litter boxes, and if you have four cats, you need five boxes, and so on.

This is to ensure that there is always an extra box so that the cats do not fight over the available ones.

What cleaning routine should I follow?

A clean litter box keeps your pet comfortable and also prevents the cat from developing health complications due to the dirt. Therefore, you must create a routine that you can follow in keeping the litter box clean.

When it comes to cat poop, scoop it as soon as the cat releases a fresh pile. Alternatively, you can clean it out every morning and evening.

The box also needs thorough cleaning and scrubbing at least every month.

Which is the best location to place the cat litter box?

Ideally, cats like privacy so you should place the box in an area with minimal human traffic. These areas include the basement, kitchen store or the laundry area.

Whichever location you choose, the cat should be comfortable in it.

Our Best Pick

The Cat it Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is our winning choice. We love it because it comes with built-in carbon filters that remove odors. And most importantly, we cherish it because it is suitable for homes with more than one cat.

In Conclusion

Since you have known the importance of buying the best cat litter box, it’s our hope that you’ll have an easy time making your final selection.

And that way, you would have spent your money wisely and your pet would be comfortable.

We understand the complications that arise as you try to pick out a good litter box for your cat, and, therefore, believe this guide should be of great help in making some great choices.

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