15 Best Cat Food for Hairballs 2021 – As Reviewed By Our Unbiased Editors

Although all cats are always at the risk of swallowing their fur and forming hairballs, long-haired ones, and breeds with a history of shedding face the greatest risk.

Fortunately, in most cases, your pet is likely to pass this fur along with the stools. In some cases, they might even vomit the hairballs.

In worse off cases, the hairballs might become nearly impossible to expel. And that can put your pet’s health in great danger. So, if your dog is prone to hairballs or is known to shed hair, it’s advisable to get nothing but the best cat food for hairballs.

Best Cat Food for Hairballs

The Best Cat Food for Hairballs in 2021

1. Purina One Hairball Formula Cat Food

This food product from Purina is made up of natural fiber. That’s the main ingredient which helps to reduce hairballs and control their formation. With this, your cat can be healthy and enjoy the meals you give them.

This cat food is entirely made up of natural ingredients along with essential minerals and vitamins. These ensure that the overall well-being of your cat is well taken care of.

Remember, when your cat’s skin is well-nourished, they’ll stop shedding hair. And that by itself will help bring the hairball problem under control.

Key Features

One thing to note about this product is that it contains real chicken as its first ingredient. Animal proteins are important in controlling shedding.

Indeed, cats that are fed from such diets are known to develop thicker and fuller coats.

It’s no wonder vets recommend this product. And we also happen to agree with them and that’s why we featured it at the top of our list.


  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Has natural fiber which aids to minimize hairballs
  • The packaging is ideal for frequent use
  • Gentle on your cat’s digestive system


  • Only for adult cats

2. Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control

This cat food has omega-3 and omega-6 plus vitamin E. These are responsible for the maintenance of your cat’s fur and skin in a healthy state. This leads to reduced hair loss.

The fiber present in the cat food is in its natural form. Its main function is to reduce hairballs in your cat. You can also groom your cat frequently to enable you to know if it is losing its hair.

Key Features

There is a protein that is of high-quality. This will enhance your cat’s normal weight and build lean muscle as compared to accumulating fats. As you use this food, your cat grows healthy.

Unfortunately, this food is recommended for adult cats. You will have to find an alternative in case your kitten has hairballs. I would opt for food that can serve both cat and kitten


  • No artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • It is made with natural ingredients
  • The protein in this food helps in muscle building
  • It has natural fibers


  • It is not recommended for your kitten

3. Greenies Feline SMARTBITES Hairball

This is a cat treat that you are supposed to use a hairball diet for your pet. Using it as food is likely to leave your cat malnourished. Remember to check which cat food it can be mixed with

As a snack, the nutrients are balanced and complete. It has minerals, vitamins and natural ingredients. Your cat has something to keep it going until mealtime.

Key features

The fiber blend formula greatly reduces hairball formation but only when used with a control diet for hairballs. This means it does not work on its own. I doubt if this snack serves a good purpose.

It has double-texture. The inside is soft whereas the outside is crunchy. This makes it a nice snack for your pet coupled with the chicken flavor. Furthermore, it aids your pet in digesting food.


  • Helps facilitate complete digestion
  • It is chicken flavored
  • Greenies Smartbites has natural ingredients
  • It is nutritionally balanced and complete


  • It is a cat treat to be used with hairball diet

4. Purina Pro Plan Entrees Cat Food

It has nutrients that are essential in supporting your cat’s skin and coat. With a shiny coat and healthy skin, hairballs are minimized. Your cat’s grooming will not be a worry anymore.

This cat food is balanced and complete. This ensures all the nutrients necessary for growth and development of your pet are provided. Your cat is active and well.

Key Features

Real chicken is used in gravy form then complimented with rice. The flavor is delicious and it is believed that your cat will love it. You will be able to know by trying it out.

With the amino acid taurine, minerals and 25 necessary vitamins, only a sick cat can remain the same. Veterinarians recommend this food for positive changes in your cat’s life. If none are forthcoming, do not hesitate to consult.


  • It has the needed nutrients for healthy development
  • Veterinarians recommend it meaning you can trust it
  • It helps your cat’s skin and coat
  • The flavor is meant to entice your cat


  • The quantity per can is little

5. IAMS Proactive Health Hairball Care

Strong muscles and energy for play are provided by the chicken in this food’s ingredients. When your cat has toned muscles, being overweight is unlikely. This means your cat spends less time grooming hence minimal hairs to swallow.

Furthermore, protein quantity and quality are high and fat content reduced. Use the correct food portion and maintain normal diet. The results are amazing for both your cat and yourself as a cat owner.

Key Features

The fiber blend which includes beet pulp is responsible for hairball reduction. As a result, your cat is healthier. Then the visits to the veterinarian are reduced.

The omega acids in the cat food, keep your cat’s coat shiny and soft. Unfortunately, when you have a kitten this food is not suitable for it. Opt for all-inclusive cat food to save on cost and time.


  • Formulated to deal with hairballs
  • It helps in muscle toning and development
  • The L-carnitine ingredient helps with weight issues
  • It works on the overall health of your cat


  • It is for adult cats only

6. Purina Pro Plan Indoor Cat Food

The essential nutrients for your cat’s immune system to function as required are present in this cat food. Hence skin issues like itching and sensitivity are dealt with. Your cat’s body can heal naturally.

The falling and knotted furs are reduced when your cat’s nutritional needs are met. Furthermore, hairball formation is controlled to a minimum as swallowed furs will be eliminated from the stomach with ease.

Key Features

Your cat retains its normal body weight, as this food does not lead to weight gain. Moreover, the salmon used as an ingredient is real and then rice is used as a compliment. It has an outstanding taste that hopefully, your cat will love.

Leftover food can be refrigerated. This is good in as far as avoiding wastage is concerned. But in terms of flavor and freshness, I doubt if it’s a splendid idea. Giving your cat frozen meals is unhealthy.


  • Facilitates healthy cat weight
  • It controls hairball formation
  • Helps maintain general pet wellbeing
  • It has most of the essential nutrients


  • Not recommended for kittens

7. Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control Cat Food

The fiber sources in this cat food are natural together with the high-quality protein. These ingredients minimize hairballs. At the same time, they ensure nutrient absorption is optimal. Your cat’s digestive issues are dealt with.

Lifesource bits is a blend of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in blue buffalo. This blend aids your cat’s immune system to stay healthy. It also provides the required nutrients for your pet’s development.

Key Features

The ingredients are natural and formulated specifically to cater to your cat’s overall health. In addition, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids enhance the health of your cat’s skin and the coat shine. This seems like a good choice for your cat.

The ingredients used have been selected and tested by nutritionists and veterinarians, therefore safe for your cat. In case of sensitivities, you are advised to discontinue use. You can seek alternative sources.


  • The ingredients used are natural
  • It is formulated to control hairball formation
  • No artificial preservatives or colors
  • It is digested and absorbed with ease


  • Use it to feed your adult cat but not kitten

8. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Cat Food

It has omega-6 fatty acids that have been extracted from natural fats. Omega-6 is known to enhance the health of your cat’s skin and have its coat looking lustrous. You will love the results.

This cat food’s ingredients include natural fiber. This facilitates efficient digestion. In addition, it reduces to hairball formation to minimal levels. Your cat can stay without illnesses that may result from hairballs.

Key Features

Real chicken is used as the number one ingredient here. This is essential for muscle toning and development. It is also believed that cats crave for chicken thus should be included in the food. I doubt if this is true.

The cat food is safe as it is all-natural with no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Furthermore, the packaging says non-GMO ingredients. Sometimes, traces of GMO are found and blamed on cross-contact with other products.


  • No artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • It digests with ease
  • The ingredient sources are trusted
  • It minimizes the formation of hairballs


  • Varied information on whether kittens can use it

9. Nutro Indoor Adult Cat Food

This cat food has antioxidants which are responsible for strengthening your cat’s immunity. With a strong immune system skin and coat issues are minimal. This is because your cat’s body can defend itself and stay healthy.

Furthermore, the natural fiber used in Nutro indoor is for easing digestion and minimizing hairball formation. You can use this food on your cat with hairball related issues like vomiting. From the reviews, it works wonders.

Key Features

For your pet’s shiny coat and healthy skin, this cat food has omega-6 fatty acids. Healthy skin is unlikely to experience loose hairs or sensitivities. For instance, itching can lead to your cat grooming so much.

It is advisable to groom your cat. This is especially helpful for furry cats. You are able to know how your cat’s skin and coat are by touching it. Also, check out for cat fur on mats or the seats and you could solve the problem sooner.


  • Ingredient sources are trusted and safe
  • Its bag is efficient for use and retains freshness
  • The coat and skin of your cat are kept healthy
  • It helps reduce hairball formation


  • Only for your adult cat

10. Blue Buffalo Hairball & Weight Control Cat Food

Blended with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, your cat’s immunity is taken care of. In return, your veterinarian visits are reduced. A healthy cat is a happy cat, and you a happy owner.

When there is oxidative balance possible with blue buffalo, the skin is healthy and less prone to sensitivities, itching and fur loss. These are factors which encourage swallowing of fur as your cat will groom continuously. Then your cat is likely to have hairballs formed.

Key Features

Psyllium and cellulose seed husk fiber blend help in controlling hairballs. Furthermore, the calories and protein ensure your cat has the ideal weight and it is maintained. It would be senseless to deal with hairballs then have an overweight cat.

This affordable hairball cat food has whole grain, fruits and garden vegetables. These ingredients ensure your cat’s nutritional requirements are met. Moreover, real chicken ensures your cat’s muscles are toned and strong for a lean shape.


  • Easy to use packet and preserves freshness
  • It has natural ingredients
  • You have a variety of recipes to choose from
  • It solves your hairball problems


  • The packaging says adult cat while the product description says all cat sizes

11. Royal Canin Hairball Intense Hairball Cat Food

It is in kibble form and triangular in shape for easy chewing with minimal food particles remaining on your cat’s teeth. As a result, tartar is not forms and teeth plagues reduced. You do not have to deal with pet dental issues.

Indoor cats shed fur more often and are more prone to swallow it as they groom. Blended dietary fibers in Royal Canin control how hairballs are formed. The fibers enhance your cat’s digestion.

Key Features

Additionally, this food helps in the movement of swallowed hair through your cat’s gastrointestinal tract. Then it is eliminated correctly and not regurgitated. Thus your cat has less digestive issues.

This cat food solves the hairball problem well, but your cat has to be 1 year or older. You will have to seek an alternative solution in case your cat is less than a year old. Consult your veterinarian for advice.


  • The packaging is efficient
  • It controls the development of hairballs
  • This food enhances dental health
  • It curbs digestive disorders


  • Recommended for cats that are 1 year or older

12. Hill’s Science Hairball Control Cat Food

It has natural fiber which assists in reduction of hairballs by allowing digestion to occur efficiently. With easy digestion, hairballs have no chance of forming. Your cat is well and active.

The ingredients are natural and well balanced. This ensures your cat is supplied with the necessary nutrients for growth and health. You do not need other nutritional supplements.

Key Features

The protein quality in this cat food is high and maintains your cat’s lean muscle as compared to packing fat. You do not risk having an overweight cat with no hairball issues.

The cans are small and you, therefore, need several to be able to feed your cat. This can turn out to be expensive. It is better to opt for cat food that you use for a longer time.


  • This food helps with hairball problems
  • It has been tested and certified to be safe
  • The ingredients used are natural
  • The food digests with ease


  • You need so many cans for your cat

13. Iams Proactive Health Hairball Care

It is enriched with antioxidants to be able to support your cat's immunity. Weak immune makes your cat prone to illness as it gets sensitive to most food ingredients. This can result in indigestion thus giving hairballs an opportunity to form.

Beet pulp together with fiber blends present in Iams cat food, deal with hairballs even before they can start to form. Hence your cat is free from hairballs and its effects.

Key Features

The nutritional ingredients are natural, complete and balanced. This results in sufficient necessary dietary needs for your cat. Keep in mind that it is for your adult cat only which should not be pregnant or nursing.

For hairball solutions, I would pick this food. But the part where I have you have to get a different recipe for your kitten, pregnant and nursing cat disqualifies it. Go for wellness complete health cat food.


  • Reduces hairballs before their formation
  • Enhances your cat’s overall wellbeing
  • Its kibbles are designed to prevent the plague from buildup
  • This food is nutritionally balanced and complete


  • Not recommended for kittens, nursing and pregnant cats

14. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Hairball Control

Fiber blend in this cat food is the major ingredient that deals with the hairball formation. Furthermore, it has no grains. Grains sometimes cause gluten intolerance sensitivities.

This food is formulated to give your cat the necessary nutrients for body growth and immune system boost. When your cat is healthy it can effortlessly deal with skin issues that can cause to groom excessively.

Key Features

The ingredients are selected and tested by nutritionists and veterinarians. Therefore it is safe for your cat to use. It is also recommended as a hairball diet food.

The packaging preserves freshness avoiding feeding your cat on stale moist food. Poorly stored food can cause tummy upsets and make your cat unwell. Your cat’s health is important for your family as you spend less at the veterinary.


  • The packaging preserves freshness
  • It is made of natural ingredients
  • This food enhances your cat's overall health
  • It helps eliminate hairballs


  • Not recommended for your kitten

15. Wellness Complete Health Hairball Control

As your cat grooms itself, it swallows hair. This food helps in the movement of the hair through the digestive system for elimination as waste. When the hairballs form vomiting and constipation can occur.

Fiber blends prevent hairballs from forming by facilitating digestion. Once the food gets digested and absorbed, there will be nothing left for your cat to vomit or cause constipation.

Key Features

The ingredients are all-natural. Furthermore, this food has no grains which may cause allergies to your cat. Then it has no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. It is safe for your cat.

This food has many ingredients that are well balanced to give your cat what it needs without any supplements. In addition, it caters for your cat's urinary tract health as it has vitamin C.


  • Excellent packaging for easy access and use
  • It has no artificial flavors, preservatives and colors
  • The ingredients are natural
  • It prevents hairballs from forming


  • Not ideal for dogs with sensitive stomach

How to Choose the Hairballs Cat Food

It’s never easy to pick the perfect hairball control food for a cat. That’s because dogs with this condition have unique needs. And to make matters worse, not everything with a “hairball control” label on it is worth trusting.

It is for that reason that we’ve compiled a buying guide for you right below. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use the following tidbits to make an informed choice for your furry friend.

Friendly Bacteria (Probiotics)

Since hairballs form in the digestive system, your best bet is to get a product that improves digestion. When the digestive system is streamlined, the balls should come out smoothly through the anus.

So, it makes a lot of sense to go for a product that contains several probiotic strains within it. Also, if the food is made up of digestive enzymes; that’s okay.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes can help improve the digestive process and ease pressure on your pet. However, you are better off ordering such products only from well-known brands so you’re sure that the ratios used for these important ingredients are appropriate.

Real Meat First

As we have already mentioned, shedding is the leading cause of fur ball formation. Vets generally recommend that to minimize shedding in the long term, you’re better off investing in food that contains real meat as the first ingredient.

Besides that, you should ensure that the food you opt for is rich in omega fatty acids as well as zinc. Such measures can go a long way in helping your pet develop a shiny and long-lasting coat.

Wet Food over Dry Food

Wet food contains higher moisture content than kibble (dry food). As such, it is gentle for the digestive system and can help lower the risk of constipation in the event that your kitten has some hairballs.

But even with that said, it is important to ensure that your doggie also gets enough fiber in the diet. Feeding them on a wet food diet alone might not do much if the food doesn’t have enough fiber.

Taste Still Matters

The more your cat eats when they have hairballs, the better. Why is this the case? Because the more the stool they pass, the higher the chances of the entire digestive freeing up get.

So, you want to ensure that you get food for your kitten that’s great looking and also great tasting. The more they’re tempted to eat it, the higher the chances that they’ll recover from the problem.

But even with that said, there’s no sure way to tell what your cat loves. For that reason, sometimes all you need to do is resort to guesswork until you find something that’s appetizing enough for your kitty.

Examples of Food to Avoid

Whenever possible steer clear from food that contains preservatives and artificial flavoring. Even though they serve specific purposes, they tend to overload your cat’s digestive system with chemicals.

It’s important to note that some of the commonly used preservatives like BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin have recently been put under scrutiny on suspicion of causing cancer.

Also, you want to avoid food that contains cornmeal. It’s of no value to your kitten. Lastly, avoid formulas that contain meat by-products and other filler ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you still got some questions regarding hairballs and cats? Here are some of our detailed responses to some of those.

Are cats in pain when they have hairballs?

In rare cases, cats can be in pain due to hairballs – but not always. If you notice that your cat is vomiting too often and they seem lethargic and sickly, chances are that they’re in pain.

Can cats poop out hairballs?

Yes. In fact, in most cases, they remove hairballs through poop. However, they might vomit it out in some cases. In rare cases, the hairballs may necessitate surgery to remove.

Are hairballs normal for cats?

Swallowing hair is a normal part of a cat’s life especially when they’re shedding. Fortunately, their digestive system can handle the hair and it easily passes out through the feces after some time.

Our Top Pick

Having done a thorough comparison of these hairball food alternatives, we’d pick the Purina One Hairball Formula as our top favorite. The reasons for that are that it comes with a healthy supply of essential nutrients and is also vet-recommended.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to let hairballs ruin your pet’s quality of life. And as we have pointed out in this write-up, there are quite a few options that can help you nip this problem in the bud.

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