7 Best Brush for Schnauzer 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

The Schnauzer is a popular breed. The most common varieties are the giant Schnauzers and the miniature Schnauzers.

They grow short hair on the most parts of their bodies, longer hair on their legs, mouth, and the undercoat.

Regardless of the type of breed, knowing how to care and look after it means knowing the best brush for Schnauzer.

Their energy levels demand that you get ready with a comb an attitude that can handle their playful nature.

You must choose the right brush among the existing ones in the market. Note the size of your dog when picking a brush that matches its size.

Best Brush for Schnauzer

Schnauzer Dog Brush in 2021: A Comparison Table

We isolate different types of brushes are available for your Schnauzer breed using the main characteristics.

Our Top Pick

Another way of picking the right brush is by looking at the size of a particular brush supports.

Best Brush for Schnauzer

Product Name Material Color

Top Pick

Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Metal, Rubber Blue-Large
Hertzko Self-Cleaning Brush Rectangular Purple
Safari by Coastal Bristle Combination Wood Brown
HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush Stainless steel Light green
Dog Comb for Matts Metal Green
Hertzko Pet Brush Plastic Purple
Andis Steel Comb Stain steel Silver

Top 7 Best Brush for Schnauzer – Reviews

1. Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Brush 

The Glendan Dog slicker brush is an easy to use pet grooming brush that guarantees the removal of dander, and stubborn dirt inside the dog’s coat.

The slicker brush has a design for grooming the breeds with both long and short hair without straining your hand or wrist.

This grooming and massage brush does not scratch the Schnauzer. The massage will enhance blood circulation, thus leaving your animal happy with a shiny and soft coat.

The anti-slip handle and a comfortable grip give you a firm grip when grooming the dog.


  • Easy to clean all household pets in a single grooming session
  • Has a rotating brush that cleans difficult to reach places
  • Grooming using this brush leaves your dog in good health
  • The manufacturer has a 90-day return policy if the product does not work as they say


  • The brush traps some air between the bristles making the cleaning process difficult

2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Brush 

Grooming a Schnauzer should now be an easy process when you purchase the Hertzko Self-Cleaning brush. The bristle system is retractable and cleans up faster.

When you push the button to retract the bristles, you grab the hanging hair with your fingers to clean the brush, and then proceed.

The bristles are smooth. No animal is about to dislike them yet.

To keep the bristles in a near perfect condition, retract them and store the Hertzko to keep the bristles safe from damage during transportation.

Taking care of the brush is an indicator that your dog will always be happy with the grooming experience from straight bristles.


  • The perfect brush that the skin of Matts, and stuck debris
  • The grooming process is not painful due to soft bristles that reach the undercoat
  • A click button that retracts the bristles makes the cleaning process easy
  • The durability of the brush makes it usable for long grooming sessions


  • The bristles may be too sharp for puppies

3. Safari by Coastal Bristle Combination

The Safari by Coastal Bristle operates two combs in one. The comb removes both debris and loose hair. Meanwhile, the natural oils distribute evenly through the bristles.

You will want to schedule your grooming for both medium and large breeds. Make use of long strokes following the direction of hair growth.


  • The massage enables the brush to evenly spread oils on the dog’s skin through massage
  • Helps to lift loose hair and debris
  • Works for both large and medium breeds


  • Metallic bristles fall off from the brush when in use

4. HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs with Double Coats 

The Pro Slicker brush is a pet-friendly dematting tool that removes Matts and tangles while removing loose fur.  

The quality of the brush you use determines the health of your Schnauzer in addition to having a tangle free coat.

The company behind the product design thought of the pet owner who intends to spread happiness through his dog.

Both your dog and cat can enjoy the services of the Pro Slicker due to the comfort they get from the comfort of stainless steel pins.

A good massage exercise using the Pro Slicker Brush does not involve so much work and produces excellent results. The tool can comb through a thick and double coat easily. 


  • Perfect for shedding and the non-shedding dogs
  • The bristles are soft to harm your animal
  • Removes Matts and tangles effortlessly
  • Has a durable, ergonomic design


  • Sharp bristles that may prick your finger when cleaning

5. Dog Comb for Matts and Knots Removal 

The Dog Comb is a unique and stylish quality product that fit the needs of a pet parent. The design factors in the safety of the animal and its owner at home.

The comb fits in your interest if you have the ambition of being a DIY dog-grooming expert. The metal frame has sturdy teeth that can withstand tugging.

The comb fits into a non-slip handle keeping the teeth of the comb in position to avoid rattling. The dematting comb is firmly in place to give your dog the regular grooming it deserves. The comb will help you manage when dematting a stubborn dog.


  • The teeth of the comb are rounded and gentle
  • The rubber handle makes handling the comb easy and comfortable
  • The massage from this comb enhances the overall animal health
  • The comb comes with a free manual on DIY


  • The handle is thick to fit in some users grip 

6. Hertzko Pet Brush

The Hertzko Pet Brush is a tool to use for dogs with dogs with soft and long hair. The brush is suitable for detangling and removing loose undercoat hair.

The soft and gentle plastic bristles have rounded ends that gently massage the dog’s skin. You can use the brush on the face and paws of your dog.

After every grooming session, your dog will love the brush because it will be feeling great and good at the same time. The materials on this brush are comfortable, strong, and durable.


  • Uses a non-slip handle that protects your hand from strain after a long grooming session
  • The bristles are soft and gentle on the animal’s skin and fur
  • You can use the comb to massage different pets at home
  • Relieves the dog from the problems of dander, tangles, and debris

Cons Best Brush for Schnauzer

  • The bristles are soft and cannot brush the undercoat

7. Andis Steel Comb 

Andis Steel Comb is sturdy and capable of removing tangles, loose hair, and stubborn dirt stains. Use the comb to stimulate the dog by frolicking the skin and hair follicles.

The comb is dual-sided, one side has the course teeth, and the other side has the fine teeth. The edges are two making it a complete tool for fluffing and flushing of coats.

Because of its weight, it is user friendly and does not cause wrist fatigue.


  • Removes tangles and Matts from the dog’s hair
  • Enhances the stimulation of skin and hair follicles
  • A good comb for finishing and finishing
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy hand maneuvers


  • So many knockoff products flooding the market

The Ultimate Buying Guide 

Dog grooming brushes exist in different sizes and models, targeting different hair lengths. Before choosing the Best Brush.

First, you need to make sure that the brush is one that you can use for your Schnauzer. Are you buying one for the giant or the smaller pet? Look at the available sizes, and you will know the one that matches your dog.

User Reviews

Make sure you get reviews from people who bought and use the product on their Schnauzer. Gauge for yourself if the model you are looking for has the most honest opinion

The cost for Best Brush for Schnauzer

Determine your budget and then look for the best price that the brush should cost. You may admire an expensive brush thinking it determines output only to find disappointing results.

The value of the brush does not necessarily mean quality. Look for what you can afford and compare it with your budget.

A Detangling Solution

Consider the type pf detangling solution that you will use. For heavy or matted coats, you can choose a slicker brush for the job

Level of Grooming

You may need a wire pin brush to maintain the dog’s hair to a certain level. The wire brush does this perfectly for either long or medium hair

Other Considerations

You may know the right tools to use, but your decision matters. Here are some recommendations

  • Flea comb
  • Slicker brush
  • A comb with wide or medium teeth
  • Electric clippers
  • Bristle brush

For everyday grooming, use a bristle brush that is capable of removing dirt and massaging the coat.

How to Groom Your Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is a German breed that is fearless and compact. They deserve a person who will look after them because they love companionship.

The double coat requires utmost care and maintenance. Follow the following steps to make the best of your grooming session

Brushing the Hair

Brush the hair found below the fur to get rid of any Matts. Brush the legs and the beards, and then use an appropriate pin brush and a comb.

The brushing should take place under the belly and between the toes. Ensure that combing hair eliminates all knots.

Bathe Your Pet – Best Brush for Schnauzer

The dog needs to take a bath after removing all Matts. Use a gentle shampoo and lukewarm water for rinsing the soap.

Dry the Fur

Use a dry towel or a blower machine to remove hair from the dog’s hair.  Adjust the blower and then blow as you comb her hair.

Clipping the Back Fur

A Schnauzer is a breed that must undergo clipping in a particular order. To get the look that you want, grab a dog hair clipper for Schnauzer and cut hair from the back heading downwards.

When handling the sides start with one side going down and do the same for the other side. Follow the grain along the tail until you reach her hump until you reach almost an inch above the joints.

Use Scissors on Hard to Reach Zones

You can use a scissor to continue with your grooming session only on the hard to reach areas like the face.  The sensitive zones on the face are the eyes, below and around the ears, and hairs surrounding the mouth

Cutting Leg Fur

The fur around your pet’s legs is usually longer than any other part of the body. It would help if you had an even cut to make them run along the area by brushing them into place.

Grooming the Face

The face is a delicate and sensitive area on animal’s body. Please exercise extreme caution when moving close to her eyes or ears.

Pick a clipper, cut fur from the back near skull’s base o, and leave it at the eyebrow level. Clip the hair around the neck up to the chin.

For the areas around the eyes, comb the hair downwards, pick a scissor, and cut in a diagonal direction.

You need to brush the beards and trim some from the bottom.

Grooming the Ears

Cut Fur outside the Ears

The Schnauzer tends to grow long fur on their ears. Brush the fur and pick a scissor to cut the excess fur. Be careful not to cut hair that grows directly on his ears.

Clean the Ear

These breeds need regular cleaning for their eyes because too much fur and stubborn dirt are perfect for yeast and bacterial growth. Use a cotton ball with a clear dog wash liquid.

Grooming the Paws

Trim the Hair

Inspect the dog’s paws and single out the long fur that needs trimming. Use a pair of scissors to trim the hair along with the nails. Look for hair growing between the paw pads and cut them.

Cutting the Nails

Once the hair is out of the way, the nails should be at a comfortable length. Use an appropriate nail grinder to reduce the nails.

Rubbing the Paws

Massage the dog on the paws using a moisturizer to help hydrate the area as it helps relieve the grooming stress.

Best Brush for Schnauzer Wrap Up

Regular grooming is a necessity, whether your Schnauzer is the giant or the small one.

Make a wise purchase by looking at the review on this article, and your dog will never know what a tangle is.

Your Schnauzer deserves a happy and content life.

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