The 7 Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat 2021: Review and Buying Guide

Owners of a Ragdoll cat must keep the cat’s coat tangle-free using the brush suitable for their coats.

When you come up with an idea of getting a cat to keep as a pet, you must have thought of the responsibility ahead of you, i.e., grooming, and taking good care of your Ragdoll.

Best Brush for Ragdoll?

This breed of cat has a single coat that veterinary doctors recommend an occasional bath. However, you still need to own the best brush for Ragdoll for its routine grooming.

Grooming your Ragdoll cat should be bi-weekly to help keep the hair from tangles. Grooming also help spread the natural oils throughout the cat’s coat.

The regular brushing gets rid of loose hairs that your cat may ingest during self-grooming causing problems.

Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat

Brush for Ragdoll Cat: A Comparison Chart 

The table is comparing these brushes by looking at their best features and usage.

Our Top Pick

The idea is to help you make the best choice when it is time to buy one or more of the grooming brush.

Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat

Product Name Dimensions Weight
51IpFCiTOXL. SL160
243 Reviews

Top Pick

HDP Zoom Groom 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches 5.12 Ounces
41AW6oon QL. SL160
1,049 Reviews
GoPets Double Sided Bristle 9.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches 7.83 Ounces
31F1i+izqaL. SL160
1,318 Reviews
Safari Comb 1 x 2.5 x 11.25 inches 1.6 Ounces
41a+b7qnF1L. SL160
3,624 Reviews
Hertzko Grooming Comb 7 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches 3 Ounces
Conair PRODog Pet-it Grip  4 x 2.75 x 5.5 inches 1.44 Ounces
51QswTsPwoL. SL160
2,984 Reviews
IMISNO 4-Pack Self-Groomer  7.24 x 5.16 x 3.43 inches 9.91 Ounces
516gB4LwGNS. SL160
2,862 Reviews
AikoPets Arch Self-Groomer 13.94 x 12.24 x 4.09 inches 26.08 Ounces

The 7 best brushes for Ragdoll Cat – Reviews

1. HDP Zoom Groom 

Get your pet the HDP Zoom Groom brush with a soft rubber build. Treat your cat with one of the best massage experiences the cat will appreciate.

The brush is rubber in nature that fits the daily grooming and seasonal shedding experience.

The Ragdoll cat loves grooming coming from this brush.

The soft rubber fingers act as magnets for any hanging hair. The comb conditions the skin to ensure no hairballs form on your pet’s skin.

The massage feels calms or removes tension from the cat. When it comes to shedding time, the cats love the brush because it takes away all the loose hair.


  • Does the grooming and caressing your pet
  • Suitable for day-to-day grooming and when the Ragdoll sheds hair
  • The soft brush bristles attach themselves to loose hair
  • Relieves anxiety and stress when in a new environment


  • The hair is hard to remove from the brush because of static build-up

2. GoPets Double Sided Bristle Brush 

Your Ragdoll cat will appreciate the best pin and bristle brush that works for all coat types. The double sides ensure that you get the right comb regardless of the nature of the cat’s hair.

The rounded bends make it comfortable when handling. The handle is full of silicone gel conforms to the direction you want to move the brush.

Using the bristles removes loose hair and dirt without hurting the animal. The bristles are soft and sturdy, capable of penetrating deep inside the coat, enabling the grooming of the undercoat.


  • Easy to use and gives fast results
  • Comfortable for both you and the cat
  • Removes stubborn Matts and loose hair without causing pain


  • Not a favorable tool for young pets

3. Safari Comb 

The Safari Comb has smooth rounded teeth that guarantee the cat’s comfort. The long teeth penetrate the cat’s fur lifting loose hair.

The comb gets in between the ears, hair on the tail base, under the legs, and abdomen the target areas for matting.

Remove dirt on the cat’s hair alongside fleas, debris, and nits. Applicable for most coat types and features an ergonomic, comfortable grips handles.

The handles reduce the stress that comes with long, grooming sessions. Let your pets live without uncontrollable shedding, Matts, and tangles giving them a healthy coat for pets.

The cats will no longer ingest hairballs because the Safari Comb comes in handy. Professional groomers will always have this comb in their tool kit


  • Reduces shedding and hairballs through regular combing
  • The contoured and long wooden handle is ideal for long and short hair breeds
  • The smooth rounded teeth are gentle on the cat’s skin
  • Can comb cats, kittens, and other young pets in the house


  • The joints on the comb do not fit in tightly

4. Hertzko Grooming Comb 

The all-in-one dematting tool makes combing your cat’s hair a comfortable and pleasant experience.

The stainless steel blades grooms and massages the animal leaving it with a healthy coat, thus increasing blood flow in the body.

The sharp tooth of the comb prevents the pulling of hair. The curves make it safe for cats with sensitive skin while at the same time cuts through the heavy Matts.

You will suffer from wrist strains and fatigue because of the comfortable grip with an anti-slip handle.


  • A single tool that gets rid of knots, tangles, shedding, and matted hair
  • The sharp teeth ensure that no scratch is left on the cat skin
  • The comb is durable and strong regardless of how the grooming frequency
  • Your pet will feel great after grooming due to increased blood circulation


  • Does not cut through matted hair

5. Conair PRODog Pet-it Grip 

The brushing tool fits snugly into the palm of your hand. Both the pet owner and the pet will enjoy using the tool, enhancing the bonding experience between the two.

Works well for cats that do not like big or large brushes. When working with cats and dogs, the grooming experience becomes an enjoyable activity.

The rubber fingers will clean and massage the sensitive skin. As the comb removes dirt and debris, it also catches loose fur resulting in a clean and happy cat.

The handheld section is natural boar and synthetic materials that move through the short curly coats.  Your cat will retain its smooth and shiny look.


  • The palm design uses a patented palm-petting grip technology
  • Gives your animal a healthy and natural shine
  • Easy to use on short and long curly hairs
  • Suitable for distributing oil on the pet’s coat

Cons – Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat

  • The results not satisfactory on small and medium-sized cats

6. IMISNO 4-Pack Self-Groomer 

This product is light in weight and is a tool that even the professionals want to have in their toolbox. The IMISNO corner massage comb uses soft plastics, making it safe for your animals.

You buy an IMISNO product and get a pouch of catnip herbs and an adhesive strip used for the inner brush compartment. 

Get the whole package with four different groomers that you can install on wall corners and table legs. The design factors in the cat’s lifestyle that is act as a rubbing object making the animal comfortable.

Pros  – Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat

  • Safe to use and easy to clean
  • Comes with a small pouch of catnip herb
  • Has a self-grooming aid that works as a perfect grooming brush
  • The brush helps in collecting loose hair during grooming


  • The hard and stiff bristles can hurt the cat’s eyes, ears, and nose

7. AikoPets Arch Self-Groomer 

AikoPets Arch Self-Groomer is perfect for cats of all sizes and ages. For those who keep puppies, the brush will still work for you.

It is foldable and therefore saves a lot of space when moving. The arch is an auto-groomer and massager that works well for all cat toys in the house.

The base of the AikoPets Arch Self-Groomer allows for self-grooming because it gives the cat an urge to scratch, keeping home furniture safe from scratches. The arch design has durable bristles that let the cat massage itself.

The massage takes place as it removes excess hair. The entire unit is a self-grooming and massage station that comes with its scratchpad.

The catnip has some herbs that attract cats towards the massaging unit.


  • The catnip herb attracts the cat towards the machine
  • Comes with a base that encourages scratching thus shortening its claws to keep your furniture safe
  • The cat automatically lose the hair it is shedding as it passes through the arch
  • The arch is a pet groomer and a toy at the same time


  • Bristles are not intact. The cat can accidentally swallow them

Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat The Ultimate Buying Guide 

The many brushes available to choose from when you decide to get the right brush for your pet demands that you know some of the reasons why you need the best brush for your Ragdoll cat.

Look at the following possible reasons that may guide you into getting the best brush that suits your needs.

Choosing the Best Brush for your Ragdoll Cat.

Removing Knots and Tangles – Slicker Brush

Eliminating knots and tangles from your favorite cat needs a brush with design to remove them. The good thing about slicker brushes is that you can use it on all hair types.

You need to be cautious when choosing the right one because some have metallic prongs that may scratch their skins.

If your cat has long hair, move the slicker brush cautiously to avoid hairline breakage. The brush also smoothens and spreads the skin’s natural oil through the coat, thus creating a shine.

Detangling and Removal of Molting Hair – Molting Comb

A molting comb gives the best outcome when used on longhaired cats. You can use the molting comb on almost any coat type regularly to prevent Matts from forming.

This comb features pins of different lengths. The long teeth act as a detangler once it gets through the topcoat.  It also removes the undercoat. The short pins will gather all loose fur.

Hair Smoothening – Bristle Brush

If you intend to smoothen the Ragdolls’ cat hair while at the same distributing oils to create a shiny coat, then a bristle brush will do the trick.

The soft and sturdy bristles are responsible for the smoothening effect. The brush is suitable for all cats.

Heavy Shedders – Rubber Brush

Does your cat shed a lot and frequently? Your best choice should be a rubber brush. The choice of brush works well for cats that fear the sight of metal grooming tools.

The rubber tips help in massaging the skin and the distribution of natural oils on the coat.

When the cat is shedding, the texture on the rubber brush removes the extra skin. Most rubber brushes fit in the palm of your hands, and you Ragdoll will not see it coming.

Fighting Fleas – Flea Combs

Fleas attack all cats, therefore when buying the top brush for Ragdoll, consider a flea comb. The teeth of this comb are close together, ensuring that when combing, it sweeps the fleas and their eggs.

You can make the comb be your natural flea treatment tool. Prepare warm soapy water and swirl the comb in water before combing. The action stops fleas from coming back.

You have More than One Cat – Double-Sided Brush

The double-sided brush is an appropriate tool for those who own multiple cats. One side has pins for detangling hair while the other side contains bristles that smoothen the coat, giving that shiny look.

Sensitive Cat – Grooming Comb

Living with a sensitive cat means you need extra care when grooming. You need to untangle knots in long hair without pulling the hair to cause breakage.

The teeth have enough space between them to allow hair to pass through.

You have a choice of picking a grooming comb with teeth widely spaced for thick hair, and the narrow spacing works well with short hair.

When is the Best Time to Brush the Ragdoll?

The best time is starting the grooming process early in their life. When they are young, it is easy for them to get used to regular brushing.

Dealing with older cats might turn their aggressiveness towards you. You need to train them and show them what grooming is all about.

Serious cat owners know that cat grooming is a full time job. The earlier you start, the better. Cats with long hair need brushing every day to minimize shedding.

Checking Your Ragdoll for Possible Health Issues

  • Conduct regular checks by taking the pet to a regular veterinary clinic for professional advice. Check the coat and skin if you can spot any strange feature. Ragdolls have a fur coat that does not stain easily.
  • Watch out for excessive scratching, chewing, or licking, as these are signs of possible illnesses. Parasites and wounds can have an impact on the cat’s health. Therefore, take note of anything unusual on your pet’s coat.

Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat Wrap up

Cats spend most of their time grooming themselves. Occasionally they will need help from you because no cat can refuse the pampering feeling.

Use the review above up and pick the best brush for Ragdoll cat to avoid future hairball incidents.

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