The 5 Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua in 2021 Reviewed

A dog is the best friend you can have at home. However, sometimes dogs can be so annoying when all they want to do is bark to the top of their voice.

Ideally, studies have shown that dogs, especially the Chihuahua, can produce sound up to 100 dB. This is almost enough to blow away your eardrums. There are ways you can stop your Chihuahua from barking.

That includes hiring a dog trainer to help you control the barking or putting the best bark collar for Chihuahua on its neck.

Notably, dogs will always bark, and sometimes it is nearly impossible to stop them. You need a bark collar to keep your dog calm all day.

If you are living close to your neighbors, a quality bark collar can save you a lot. There are plenty of bark collars for Chihuahua in the market. To find the best one for your dog, you must search widely.

We want to make it hassle-free to find a quality bark collar for your dog. Therefore, in this review, we have picked some of the best five bark collars in the market.

We give you the pros, cons, and overview of the products to help you in making the right choice when shopping for a quality bark collar.

If you are looking for a quality bark park for your dog, then you have a good reason to continue reading this review.

Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua

Best Chihuahua Dog Bark Collar in 2021: A Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison chart that highlights the top features of the top five bark collar for Chihuahua.

Our Top Pick

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Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua

Product Name Material Closure Type
51DdrJmiVhL. SL160
3,439 Reviews

Top Pick

Flittor Shock Collar Nylon
3,601 Reviews
NPS No Shock Bark Collar Nylon Button
51wT3e5OCOL. SL160
31,233 Reviews
DogRook Bark Collar Nylon Insect control
51ticzg4GyL. SL160
8 Reviews
Petnf Dog Bark Collar Nylon Button
51zOMCiPfFL. SL160
11 Reviews
PetYeah Dog Anti Bark Collar Nylon Button

Top 5 Best Bark Collars for Chihuahua

1.  Flittor Shock Collar for Dogs

This a high-quality dog training collar made of microprocessor technology. You can use this dog collar for training your dog in different environments.

The manufacturer has used a technology that supports a stable and strong signal that your dog will need to stay calm. When using this bark collar on your dog, you can stay up to 2500 feet far from the dog and still be able to track it.

The dog training collar comes with visible flashlights that make it easy to locate the dog even in the dark.

The training collar comes with three modes that you can adjust to find one that suits your dog. It has a standard, vibration, and shock mode. Whichever mode you select for the dog, you want to ensure it is effective and humane.

This dog training collar is helpful in correcting unwanted behavior in your dog such as unnecessary barking, peeing at wrong places, and sitting at the wrong time.

You can easily adjust the modes on this collar until you get one that suits your dog. The dog collar comes with a reliable LCD that shows the shock and vibration intensities.

Also, the collar has three memory settings, which makes it suitable for training different dogs. You don’t have to reset the bark collar when training another dog because it does not lose memory.

Another key feature of this dog training collar is the water-resistant material that the manufacturer has used on it. The collar does not malfunction even when your dog is outside in the rain.

Your dog can bath or swim with this anti-bark collar intact, and it will still function as always.

The longevity of the batteries on the remote and receiver is superb. The lithium polymer batteries used on the dog collar will last up to 15 days.

Here are the pros and cons of this dog training collar that you should consider:


  • It comes with three modes of sensitivity you can choose
  • Has a higher memory
  • It is water-resistant
  • It has a long battery life, up to 15 days
  • It comes with a remote flashlight, which makes it easy to track your dog
  • You can use it for control barking and other bad behaviors in your dog
  • You can use it to train up to three dogs
  • It is adjustable for small, medium, and large dogs


  • It is a bit expensive on a fixed budget
  • The shock function may be painful on your dog

2. NPS No Shock Bark Collar

This is the best value anti-bark device that you should have for your noisy dog.

The bark collar comes with a smart chip that adjusts freely to stop your Chihuahua from barking in just a minute. It is a no-shock bark collar that does not cause any pain to your dog.

One advantage of buying this bark collar for your dog is that it is highly flexible. You can use the collar for Chihuahua dogs weighing between 6-120 lbs. It comes with a more adjustable nylon cinch that will fit even the little dogs.

When training your dog against bad behavior, you need a neck collar that does not respond to false triggers. NPS bark collar does not react to false triggers like stretching, growling, or shaking.

This way, it does not confuse the dog when you are training it. The dog collar comes with an overvoltage safety chip that prevents the shock or vibrations from harming your dog. Only the dog’s bark can trigger the bark collar into activation.

NPS bark collar is lighter and comfortable on your dog’s neck. It does not press or pinch the dog’s skin. It is not easy for the dog to know that they have this bark collar on their neck.

This way, the dog can have it around for the longest time.

The manufacturer has included a Smart Chip Microprocessor on this bark collar, which makes it unique from the rest.

The hands-free chip can detect when the dog is barking and automatically responds to keep the dog calm. It becomes more sensitive as the dog barks louder and louder. You don’t need a remote to activate this bark collar. It activates spontaneously to stop the dog from barking.

Apart from the higher sensitivity, you will enjoy having this bark collar on your dog’s neck. The bark collar is made of water-resistant material.

In case your dog plays in the rain, the bark collar will still be active. Once the dog is used to having this bark collar on the neck, it will refrain from disgusting barks and other bad habits like peeing at the wrong places.

This is the best bark collar you can get for your Chihuahua dog this holiday.


  • It is inexpensive
  • Comes with a more sensitive micro-chip that stops barking
  • It does not cause pain
  • Comes with flexible collar suitable for small to large dogs
  • Made of waterproof material to withstand rainy weather
  • It is lightweight to reduce the pressure on the dog’s neck
  • Automatically adjusts intensity
  • It comes with two extra plastic replacement prongs


  • It does not come with a remote control
  • Some people may not prefer shock collars for their small Chihuahua

3. DogRook Bark Collar

DogRook Bark Collar is a famous brand in the market. The reason it tops on our list of the best bark collars for Chihuahua is the quality and durability of the parts they manufacture has used on it.

DogRook, the company behind this product has only specialized in bark collars for dogs. This means they give their all when it comes to providing the best products in the market.

This bark collar is flexible enough to fit on different sizes of dogs. It can be used in dogs weighing 11-110 pounds. Note that you should not introduce your young dog early to this bark collars.

Dogs below 6 pounds must not be wearing bark collars. The bark collar comes with a neck size ranging from 9-22 inches suitable for large, small, and medium dogs.

You can adjust the collar freely to fit your dog’s neck size. If you have a sick dog or one that is taking care of younger dogs, you should refrain from wearing bark collars on them.

DogRook bark collars are made with the humane ideology to cause no harm to the dog. The bark collar protects barking most humanely.

The automatic bark collar comes with two color covers and plastic pongs that you can choose for your dog. It is an automatic bark collar that uses two alkaline batteries.

This bark collar helps you train your dog on how to stop barking without making your hands dirty. One amazing feature of this product is that it does not apply shock to the dog. It uses sound warnings and vibrations to calm the dog.

Here are the pros and cons of this bark collar to look out for when placing your order


  • The bark collar has durable and strong nylon material
  • It comes with adjustable straps (9-22 inches)
  • It comes with two plastic probes for all sizes of dog neck
  • The manufacturer provides a user manual to guide you
  • It comes with two buttons for adjusting the sensitivity
  • It has an option for changing the color on the face


  • It may pick up whimpers and barks from other dogs if you increase the sensitivity
  • It may be a bit expensive on a fixed budget

4. Petnf Dog Bark Collar IP67 Waterproof Shock Collar

Petnf is popular for the quality and durable bark collars they have been offering in the market. Their Dog Bark Collar IP67 Waterproof is suitable for all Chihuahua dogs and works better to calm them down whenever they begin to bark at the top of their voice.

This fantastic dog bark collar comes with 5-level sensitivity modes that you can set to train your Chihuahua from bad behaviors. It has a button that you will press to activate it whenever you want to teach the dog.

The bark collar has high memory, and you will not have to restart it every time you wear it on the dog’s neck.

This high-tech bark collar is made of the third generation smart chips with high sensitivity. It will detect the slightest noise or bark from the Chihuahua and act on the spot. Also, it can distinguish the dog’s voice from its surroundings and thereby not confusing it during the training period.

Your dog can have this bark collar on the neck without feeling comfortable and pressed. This is because the bark collar is very sensitive and does not apply shock on activation.

However, it is advisable that you minimize the time you use the bark collar on your dog. The bark collar should be fixed on the Chihuahua’s neck for less than 12 hours a day.

The anti-bark collar comes with a wide LCD. The display will show the battery level and sensitivity level. It makes it easier to select an appropriate sensitivity mode for the dog, depending on the surrounding.

The battery longevity on this bark collar is something you want to embrace. The bark collar comes with a long-life battery. It has an overcharge protection feature. Also, the device goes into sleep mode to save on battery use and ensure a long standby.

The battery will only take 2-3 hours to charge and lasts longer.

You don’t have to worry about the weather with this bark collar on your Chihuahua’s neck. The bark collar is made of waterproof and durable materials. It is suitable for use when the dog is swimming, bathing, or outside on a rainy day.

Also, if you intend to use a bark collar on your younger dog, then this is the appropriate device to go for in the market. It only weighs 54.6 g and, therefore, suitable for dogs below six months. It also comes with a reflective body, which makes it ideal for identifying your dog in dark places.


  • It has an LCD wide display
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • It is made of IP67waterproof parts
  • It is lightweight and comfortable on the dog’s neck
  • Easy to use with a click of a button
  • Has an intelligent identification chip for slight and background sounds
  • The low battery will warn you to recharge it


  • It is a bit expensive when buying it on a fixed budget
  • It may not be suitable for older Chihuahuas

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5. PetYeah Dog Anti Bark Collar Smart Detection Adjustable Collar

PetYeah is not that old in the industry, but the quality of their bark collars is something that makes them unique. Their bark collars stand out in the market for quality materials used on them and their longevity.

This bark collar is one of their bestsellers that come with 5-level intensity for shock, vibration, and sound. It uses either of the modes to stop the Chihuahua dog from barking at the top of their voices. With this bark collar at your disposal, you can efficiently train your Chihuahua dog.

PetYeah bark collar comes with an additional TPU collar that you can use on your dog.

The bark collar comes with an intelligent identification chip that will sense if the dog is barking to activate. It can filter background sound and false triggers such as shaking and barking from other dogs. It has a digital LCD that will show you the level of intensity you have chosen.

You can also watch the battery life on this display and know when it’s the right time to recharge it.

The bark collar comes with a microphone. You can shout at this microphone once you’ve activated the test mode on the device. The Smart Test Mode feature included on the bark collar makes it easier to know if the device will work as expected.

Apart from the test mode, the device also includes an intelligent dual-mode and an automatic protection system. The dual-mode works by beeping + vibrating or by beeping, vibrating, and then applying some shock to stop the dog from barking.

Another benefit of having this bark collar for your dog is that it is weatherproof. Your dog can just put it on even when outside on a rainy day, swimming, or bathing. The materials used on this bark collar are durable and water-resistant.

You can rely on this device to keep your dog calm for the longest time. It comes with rechargeable batteries that will last for up to 15 days. Also, the manufacturer provides you a product warranty so that you have peace of mind when shopping.


  • It comes with a 5-level intensity
  • It is made of waterproof and safe parts
  • It has an LCD for a battery and sensitivity display
  • The battery lasts longer (10-15 days)
  • It comes with two pairs of plastic and metal contacts that fit on every dog hair length
  • It has a safety measure that protects the dog once it is activated six times


  • It is not recommendable for older dogs
  • Each of the sensitivity modes has five levels only
  • It is a bit expensive on a fixed budget

Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua Buyer Guide

Choosing the best bark collar for your noisy Chihuahua should not be such a challenging task with the five options we have highlighted for you on this review at your disposal.

If you are still stuck, and you don’t know which one of the above five products you should go for in the market, then this section of the review is meant for you.

We give you some tips that you will need to land the best bark collar for your dog training. Continue reading to find out the factors that you should consider whenever you are choosing a bark collar for your dog.

Weight is important

Bark collars are supposed to remain around your dog’s neck to work correctly. That means they should be lightweight to reduce the pressure on the dog’s neck.

A lightweight bark collar is more comfortable, and the dog may not even feel that it has been fixed on its neck. When shopping for a bark collar for your Chihuahua, you must ensure you go for a lightweight collar.

Chihuahuas may only weigh up to 7 pounds. This means having a heavier collar around its neck is something you don’t want to do. A heavy collar will make the dog more uncomfortable, and before you know it, the dog will start behaving abnormally.

Safety first Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua

Since you value your Chihuahua, you want a collar that will not harm it at all. When shopping for a quality bark collar, you should consider the material the manufacturer has used on the device.

First, the collar should be more flexible and adjustable to reduce the impact on the dog’s neck. Some dogs have a lot of hair, and to make the bark collar fit well, it must be wide enough.

Bark collars have different modes of action. Some apply vibration or shock on the dog to stop it from barking while others use sound and vibrations only.

Whichever collar you choose, you want to try it first to find out if it causes a lot of pain on the dog. It must be humane and certified for use on animals.

Go for a collar with a safety and protection mode. Most people do not prefer shock bark collars because they may not be suitable for younger dogs.

Always purchase a collar that has the best safety mode for your dog because you will be wearing it on the dog around the neck.

Sound sensitivity 

Apart from looking at the material and general build of the collar, you must ensure it has the best sound sensors. Go for bark collars with active microprocessor chips that can detect when the dog is barking.

The sensors on the device must be able to differentiate background sound and false triggers from the actual dog barks. This way, they can be useful in keeping the dog calm without harming it.

Best Bark Collar for Chihuahua Wrap up

Ultimately, when selecting the right bark collar for your Chihuahua, you must go for the brands that are certified and humane. Note that the collars are only used to train the dog to change its behavior.

The five collars we have identified in this review are some of the best you can opt for in the market.

So, feel free and stop your young dog from disgusting barks with the best bark collar for Chihuahua in the market.

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