Can You Put Baby Powder On Dogs?

Flea bites can be annoying, itchy and in extreme cases cause anemia and hair loss to your dog. Fleas are tapeworm carriers, and their bites can cause some allergic reactions to your pets. The effects of flea bites can be transmitted from animals to humans. Removing fleas from your home is no mean task, and you have to eliminate them you have limited options in choosing one of the available harsh chemicals that can be a danger to you and the animals.

Can You Put Baby Powder On Dogs

Fleas: What are they?

Fleas are small flat insects filled with blood because that is their primary meal. You may not fancy catching a flea because of their prowess in jumping. Flees are generally known to feed by sucking blood from cats and dogs. They also have an appetite for human blood. The other common name for flea is sand fleas.

What Causes a Flea Outbreak?

Fleas will start to show their presence in numbers when the primary source of food is scarce. An outbreak can occur after the death of a pet. In some instances moving to an already infested area.

The reason why most pet owners are moving to new homes prefers to exterminate the house before settling is due to the survival of the larvae in undisturbed areas for up to one year before developing into adults.

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How Do You Manage a Flea Outbreak?

The two most common areas that need a lot of attention to contain the spread of fleas are the home and the ensuring cleanliness of dogs you keep within the compound. There are several natural methods of killing fleas as well as the use of baby powder on Dog. We will first look at how to use baby powder on dogs to contain the flea outbreak and the home remedy.

Killing Fleas with Baby Powder

Fleas are not easy to control when they set up a home in the animal environment. A casual look into the dog house will give you a glimpse of possible flea problems. If you notice hopping black specks on your clothing or somewhere on the walls is a clear indication that you have a flea infestation.

Getting rid of fleas requires a lot of persistence. Baby powder is one product that can do the job, and the good news is that it is safe.

Starting From Where the Colony Thrives

The standard baby powder found in shops is appropriate in controlling flee population. The powder, when applied to your pets’ body, should suffocate and kill them. Using baby powder to manage flea infestation is a very straightforward process as shown below:

  • Dust the baby powder on the dog’s fur
  • Leave the powder to settle for at least two minutes
  • Use a flea comb to comb her thoroughly
  • Confirm if the fleas that are falling are still active
  • If necessary, repeat the entire process
  • Bathe the dog and make sure you leave it dry

You can do the same with the beddings, leave the powder on the carpets as you dust your dog, and then vacuum the carpet thoroughly. As long as the population is still active, keep fighting them using baby powder.

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Get Rid of Dog Fleas at Home

Fleas are a common problem facing all dog owners. At any given time in a dog’s lifetime, the pet owner will have to deal with the flea menace. Irrespective of the extent of the attack, the same method of getting rid of the little vermin’s is the same.

One thing that you can be certain about fleas is that they cannot go on their own and any delay makes your dog uncomfortable. The most effective way riding your dog of all the fleas is to get ideas from the vet’s clinic because there exist several non-toxic substances that will help clean up your dog and leave the environment clean and safe from toxic waste.

Most of these products are used as ointments applied at the back of the dog’s neck. The idea is to let the dog lick and scratch the applied area; this action will transfer the ointment to the rest of the body. Within a few days, as a pet owner, you will notice some positive changes.

If any of your pet show signs of having fleas, it simply means that your home hosts some of the flea larvae. Therefore, it is necessary to fight fleas in both the dog and the surrounding areas, to avoid a repeating cycle of flea attack.

Getting rid of fleas at home requires dedication because all the carpets, pillows, blankets, etc. that your dog has been in contact with must undergo a thorough cleaning. Get all the beddings to the washing machine and use hot water. The next thing to do is vacuum cleaning your house, and the vacuum bag should be sealed and opened only when outside the home.

Getting rid of dog fleas is a common but tedious process, and the only way to get fleas outside your home completely is by using prevention techniques on your animals, so they do not keep sneaking back to the house.

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End Note

Baby powder has already proved that it can go far beyond the bathroom. Other than the usual scent that comes from the product, pet owners can buy one that they do not have to worry about using it for other purposes as directed by the manufacturers.

What you may have not observed is that your pet should not ingest the powder in large quantities because it may turn out to be toxic leading to more complications. Baby powder is highly recommended for puppies and kittens who cannot withstand the effects of flea chemicals or any other treatment due to the delicate nature of their skin.

As already stated there several natural remedies that you can use to treat or prevent dog fleas. However, any health-related matter that takes us back to the dog or cats’ means that you have to check with your veterinarian doctor and talk about the age of the dog, baby powder, and potential side effects.

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