American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers – Breed Comparison

The Pitbull and American Bulldog breeds are very similar in appearance; you can confuse them if you are not aware of the difference.

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The truth is, these two breeds are different in terms of their temperaments, size, and history.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers?

What is the difference between the American Bulldog and Pitbull?

This article focuses on giving you details of both breeds, including their similarities and differences. It also answers some of the questions frequently asked by people.

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Before digging deeper, it is crucial to understand that the word ‘Pitbull’ is used loosely. According to most people, Pitbull means dogs that initially participated in dogfighting games.

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But the word Pitbull refers to American Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and all dogs that have the same characteristics as these. Pitbull, in this discussion, refers to the American Pitbull.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull

Therefore, the discussion is about American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers. The American Bulldog is commonly referred to as American Bullies

The History of Both Breeds – American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers

It is in America where both the American Pitbull Terriers and the American Bulldog developed from dogs traditionally used in England for bull baiting. In 1835, the bull-baiting activity was outlawed.

This common origin is the only similarity in the breed’s genesis.

The American Bulldog

People migrating from Europe to America to look for jobs took with them the Old English Dog and later developed it. The dogs were trained to be all-around farm workers but majorly specialized in managing cattle and hunting prey, e.g., wild pigs that would invade cattle farms.

At the beginning of the 20th century, American Bulldog started becoming less famous. By the time the Second World War was ending, the dog breed was almost nonexistent.

A few people who had acquired the dog saved the breed from total extinction by rearing the remaining few to stay at homes instead of working on farms.

The American Pitbull Terriers

Dog ratting and dog fighting rings are games that used to take place in America.

The Pitbull dog was brought from England to be used in those games. Rating was a kind of gambling activity which involved putting rats inside a pit and letting loose the dogs to determine whose dog would kill the most rats in the shortest time possible.

The purpose of this pit was to keep the rats from escaping. Moreover, and that is where the name Pitbull came from.

Eventually, ratting and fighting games became less famous, and the dogs became family and farm dogs. One advantage these dogs have when it comes to dealing with human beings is that they have an excellent bite inhibition characteristic.

This characteristic dates back to the ratting and dogfighting days as the dog owners had to get their dogs off the ratting pit or the fighting rings. Moreover, the Pitbull dog breed is commonly mixed with others.

Outward Form

The outward form of the American Pitbull Dog and the American Bulldog is very different. The weight of the American Bulldog ranges between 60 and 130 pounds. 

The American Pitbull Terriers, on the contrary, weighs 30 and 70 pounds. This means the Bulldog is weightier. In terms of height at the shoulder, the American Bulldog is 21 to 27 inches while the American Pitbull Terriers are 16 to 22 inches.

The two breeds also differ in terms of color. The American Pitbull dog can have any color while the American Bulldog usually is white, featuring brindle, red, brown, or black patches.

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When comparing the American Pitbull and the American Bulldog, you will realize that the two dog breeds have several differences and similarities in their personalities, exercise needs, and training.

Comparing Personalities

The personalities of the American Bulldogs and the American Pitbull Terriers are very similar. The two are human friendly, and when left alone for prolonged periods, they perform poorly.

You can trust the two with your baby, but you should be around. Dogs and babies should never be left alone.

The significant difference in the personalities of the bullies and that of Pitbulls is in their relationships with other animals. Because of a fighting background, Pitbull does not tolerate other dogs, and all small animals as long as they perceive them as prey.

In a dog park, both the American Pitbull and the American Bulldog are poor performers. Although the two breeds can be calm among other dogs, when a fight breaks up, they will finish it up because of their tenacity, and the results will be disastrous.

Comparing Training

Although the American Pitbull and the American Bulldogs are intelligent, they are also stubborn. You need to be firm if you own any of these breeds and want to train them.

With a good owner, the dogs can be trained to perform various duties and sports. With the wrong owner, the best these dogs can be is antisocial and very aggressive.

In case you are too busy to train a dog, it is good not to acquire any of these breeds because you have to be very patient in training them, which consumes a lot of time. But you can pay someone to train them for you.

Comparing Exercise

The Pitbull and the bulldogs are very energetic and are capable of working the whole day. An hour’s exercise per day is enough for these dogs, and you only need to put them in a fenced backyard.

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The dogs will jog around, although the bullies can overheat, mainly when the muzzle is short.

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American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers – Comparing Health

There are similar health issues for both the breeds. But there are also health issues that can affect the American Pitbull more likely that the American Bulldog and vice versa.

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The health issues the dogs share include demodectic mange, hypothyroidism, and elbow or hip dysplasia.

Moreover, bullies are more likely to suffer from cataracts and breathing issues. On the other hand, Pitbull is more likely to suffer from allergies, particularly skin allergies.

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American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers – Grooming Comparison

The American Pitbull and the Bulldogs have similar grooming requirements as they have short hair. The two are average shedders.

Using a rubber brush to brush their hair is beneficial to both breeds. The brushing takes off loose hair and helps in spreading the dog’s natural oils.

For them to have a shiny and clean appearance, you can bath them with a dog shampoo once in a while.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull

Questions: Most people ask about Bulldog and Pitbull Breeds

Which is Better? American Bulldog or Pitbull Terriers?

Generally, both breeds are good. If you want to acquire a family companion, either of the two is good. By doing your research, however, you can identify which dog suits your family.

For instance, the American Pitbull dog is less bulky than the Bulldog, which means it consumes less food than the bullies.

On the contrary, with the American Bullies, you can have other pets because bullies are friendlier than the Pitbull. Remember, Pitbull, are very aggressive, which dates back to their fighting days.

Which One Barks A Lot?

Both the Pitbull and Bulldogs do not bark a lot. The two are not chronic barkers although they may bark when excited or bored. But the American Pitbull is very vocal.

The dog makes various vocalizations trying to talk with people. In case you like that behavior, then you can go for the American Pitbull. If, on the contrary, you don’t like noises from dogs, then go for the American Bulldog.

Which One is a Better Guard Dog?

It is common to see people acquiring an American Pitbull or a Bulldog for the sole purpose of offering security because they assume the dogs will be ideal for guarding.

Surprisingly, even though the two dogs can intimidate you when you look at them, particularly the bullies, they are very friendly to human beings. In that case, they cannot be excellent in offering security.

The two can keep intruders away hence protecting your family and property. But they make friends with humans quickly and so they can also bring in a stranger to the house and lead them to where you store precious items. But for keeping average intruders away, they perform well.

Which Dog Sheds Less?

Don’t you like the sight of dog hair in your house? Both dogs shed hair, which is normal. But the rate at which they shed hair is average.

To keep the shedding at the most minimum, you can brush them once a week and ensure you bath them with a dog shampoo once in a while.

Are the Breeds Hypoallergenic?

There is no hypoallergenic breed of dogs.

However, several breeds of dogs like Bichons, Maltese, and Poodles continuously grow their coat, and because of that, they leave less dander, which is not an issue if you suffer from allergies.

Which Dog is the Best Human Companion?

If you have children, either the Pitbull or the bullies will do well.

Provided you allow the dog to exercise enough and ensure you or someone is around when you have babies, both breeds are good.

Is it True that Pits Have Locking Jaws?

Some people believe that the jaws of a Pitbull cannot be pried open because they are locking. The truth is this type of dog has a jaw structure similar to that of other dogs, and the jaws are not locking.

But these dogs are stubborn and tenacious, and because of that, they are capable of keeping things for an extended time than other breeds.

If you are thinking of buying a Pitbull, you better ensure you buy durable toys because these dogs have high chewing power and don’t give up easily.

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Apart from that, the Pitbull bite force is not the strongest. The Pitbull and the Bulldog bite force can’t even be featured in the 10-top list of dogs with the most potent biting force.

Can the Pitbull or the Bulldog Live in an Apartment?

The two dogs need to exercise regularly, and in an apartment, they will not have that fenced backyard for exercise. So, if you choose to acquire one and live in an apartment, you need to set apart at minimum one hour for jogging or walking with the dog around the estate.

The ideal home for a Pitbull or a bulldog is where there is a backyard.

Which Dog Has a Long-Life Expectancy?

The American Bulldog’s average life expectancy is 11 years, while that of the American Pitbull is 14 years. So, the Pitbull lives longer than the Bulldog.

But we all know when it comes to life, there is no guarantee.

Because of that, to ensure your dog lives longer, never let it become obese, brush their teeth, always give them high-quality food and buy them from a renowned seller.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers Summary

American Pitbull and American Bulldog have many differences and similarities. For a family, any of the two can do.

However, you may have to research further to make the right choice. If you love jogging in the evenings, then a Pitbull or a Bulldog can make a great companion.

Moreover, because size is the most significant dissimilarity between the two dog breeds, it should be the most significant consideration.

The larger the dog, the more costly it is to maintain because, of course, they will eat more food. Besides, they will also poop more. If you are not ready for that, then go for a smaller breed.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Terriers Final Words

Breed specification legislation is another factor you have to take care of. Make sure you confirm that it is legal to keep the Pitbull or the Bulldog in your area. The breed specification legislation forbids breeding of Pitbull in particular areas.

The Bulldog on the other side may or may not be in the breed specification legislation.

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Most of the details about the American Pitbull and the American Bulldog you need have been covered in this article, and most of the questions answered.

Therefore, it is your time now to decide on which breed you feel comfortable with.

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