5 Best Rabbit Breeds for Children

The best rabbit breeds for children

The best rabbit breeds for children are adorable, fluffy, and cute. These rabbits are popular in the world, making them common in many homes.

Best Rabbit Breeds for Children

Wondering the best rabbit breeds for children you can get for your kids, we have listed some of the most child-friendly rabbits you can gift your kids.

As with other animals that have different breeds and types, rabbits are no exception. They come in numerous fluffiness, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Guide to the best rabbit breeds for children

Here are some of the best rabbit breeds for children:

The Chinchilla

The chinchilla shares one color with the animal chinchilla. The rabbit is cute and popular, a suitable pet for families and comes in different breeds.

The popular breeds are the Standard Chinchilla, American Chinchilla, and Giant Chinchilla.  We have listed what you should know about these three rabbits.

The Chinchilla best rabbit breeds for children

  • Standard Chinchilla


Standard Chinchilla is among the best rabbit breeds for children. This rabbit is from France and was bred in 1919. It has a special coat color that makes it popular in many homes.


The rabbit comes in medium size and can grow up to seven pounds. Standard Chinchilla is great for older kids. The color coat is grey.


The rabbit exhibits a curious and intelligent demeanor.  They are friendly, which makes them everyone’s choice. They eat more hay, including vegetables and fruits.

However, you should not feed them vegetables and fruits. You can use fruits and vegetables as treat. Some of the health-related issues they suffer include overgrown teeth and ear mites.

What this means is that you have to check the ears of your rabbit every two to three weeks. You can handle the overgrown teeth by ensuring your rabbit eats enough hay.


This breed requires an appropriate habitat that allows them to run away, romp, and stretch out in comfort.  You can get a cage or construct for them their habitats.

Also recommended is to make sure that these rabbits come out for some hours every day. This can help them develop socially and interact with their environment.

Rabbits are social animals that need attention and care. You should provide them the avenue to interact with other animals and people.


The standard chinchilla is one of the best rabbit breeds for children.  Many families choose this breed for its size and uniqueness.  They are curious and smart little fur friends that want your attention.

  • American Chinchilla

The American Chinchilla is also one of the best rabbit breeds for children you can get. They are quite different from the Standard Chinchilla. They come fluffy and soft and are great for the family.


They originally came from France and were accepted as pets in 1929.  It has a beautiful coat that makes it acceptable.  Breeders love it for their fur.


The rabbit is larger than the Standard Chinchilla. They can grow up to 12 pounds and live up to 8 years. Kids love them as pets.

They are extremely docile and gentle in the rabbit business with the same coat.


When it comes to the best rabbit breeds for children, the American Chinchillas do well in most environments.  They require little fur maintenance. They live indoors and outdoors too.

However, their surrounding temperature should not be extreme and must be protected from predators.   They require a healthy amount of hay when feeding them.  You should offer up to 70% hay in their diet.

This makes sure that the problem of overgrown teeth is curbed. It does not have a problem with its fur and does not suffer some hereditary problems other breeds can suffer from.

Best Rabbit Breeds for Children


Since this rabbit is on the large side, it requires enough space to play. However, those living in apartments may not keep them since indoor cages are small for these rabbits.

They can be compared to medium-sized dogs, making them great for older kids.  Rabbits are not easy to potty train. You have to take your time and be patient for this to happen.

Good behaviors should be rewarded with treats to help your rabbit learn faster. The rabbits love playtime with toys and enough space..


The American Chinchilla is one of the largest best rabbit breeds for children. It is a great choice for families.

  • Giant Chinchilla

The Giant Chinchilla is the big kahuna in this breed, with overload cuteness and fluffiness.  The breed is special with its features and characteristics.


The Giant Chinchilla was bred in 1919. It has gorgeous coats and popular in the United States. Edward Stahl bred this rabbit because he wanted something bigger in the Chinchilla rabbits.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association accepted the rabbit in 1928.


The Giant Chinchilla is among the best rabbit breeds for children that can grow up to 15 pounds. This means that they are giants. They have a life span that can last up to ten years.

This breed is docile, playful, and gentle to keep as pet.


The rabbit requires a larger space as a home due to its size. They can be left indoors or outdoors. However, they should be protected from harsh weather outside.

They may not suit a smaller housing environment.

5 Best Rabbit Breeds for Children 1 1


The rabbits have different coats with “flyback” fur style. These rabbits shed heavily different times every year. You have to ensure their coats are healthy during this period.

You should brush them every few weeks.  They do not suffer from hereditary diseases, which is great for the owners.  If they are not properly maintained, they have problems.

Their diet is mainly hay and treats should be handled to them occasionally.  To keep them healthy and happy, you have to feed them correctly.

The rabbits enjoy playtime and are a bit more curious than other breeds. When you keep them indoors, make sure that is safe.

They can explore things around them, including wires. You can keep them outdoors to support them with enough space to move around. You should keep them safe from potential predators.

What to Consider

The Giant Chinchillas are a large breed that is gentle to play with and come with beautiful coats. You have to learn how to handle and take care of them.

Himalayan rabbit

The Himalayan rabbit is listed among the best rabbit breeds for children that are tiny and cute.  They suit families and can be recognized by their unique characters.

They have a cylindrical shape, white fur, color on their boots, ears, and nose. They are fun to keep as pets.


The breed is an ancient breed that was believed to have come from the Himalayas.  They must have come to the United States around 1900.


Himalayan rabbits come in the small to mini rabbits. They can grow between two and a half to five pounds. They have a life span of about five to eight years, which leaves memories with kids and families.

Their cylindrical body shape is special and when they fully stretch out their feet, they still remain grounded.


The young ones are very sensitive to cold and should be protected during cold climates.  Even the older rabbits may suffer from dark fur because of the cold.

They do not need large enclosures, but they require enough space to move around.


Himalayan rabbits are among the best rabbit breeds for children that are easy to handle and maintained. Their diet should be more of hay and they require regular checkups.

The breed does not suffer from diseases that some other rabbit breeds can get. Their small size makes it perfect for the younger children to handle.

You should let them socialize and play to keep them healthier. They are among the best rabbit breeds for children that are potty trained. However, that requires attention and patience.

They can be a little bossy when it comes to moving around. You should gently and firmly correct them until they know when they are expected to move or not.

What to Consider

They come fluffy, cute, small, and have different colors. These rabbits can live in any place. The rabbit can suit grandparents, parents, families, and children.

California White

The California White rabbit is popular in its white color.  Some have the Chinchilla’s markings and come sizeable.  Before now, they were kept for meat purposes.


The breed came from cross-breeding of different rabbit breeds. They were introduced to the United States in 1928 and took eleven years to recognize them.


The breed is among the best rabbit breeds for children considered as the larger breeds. They can range from eight to ten and a half pounds.  They can live up to ten years.

They require plenty of space for play and need attention to be healthy and happy.


The rabbit needs more time outside to explore, roam, and play, unlike others that can make do with a short time.

They can stay both indoor and outdoor. Their size requires that they have enough space to play around. Their thick coats allow them to withstand extremely cold climates.


The breed eats what others eat. However, it should contain high-quality hay and few a treats. They are not vulnerable to diseases or health-related challenges.

You should make sure that they do not have overgrown teeth and, always check up on them. They are popular and require attention and enough time to play.

Best Rabbit Breeds for Children

What to Consider

These rabbits are among the popular best rabbit breeds for children.


Havana rabbits are listed among the best rabbit breeds for children. They have a similar color scheme to the Cuban cigar and beautiful rabbits.

They are compact, playful, and medium-size, which makes them suitable for homes.


They were introduced in 1916 and recognized by four-color types. In 2008, the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association welcomed the broken color scheme.


They are medium size rabbits and can reach four and a half to six and a half pounds. They can live up to eight years. The Havana rabbit has a round body shape and small size.


They do well in both indoor and outdoor situations. The breed enjoys time outside to play, stretch, and spend time in the sun.  They love running around indoors, and can easily bond with family.


The rabbit’s fur does not require much maintenance They can shed and requires regular brushing. They are among the best rabbit breeds for children you can train.

What to Consider

The rabbit is not energetic and not lazy.

Japanese Harlequin

The Harlequin rabbits are one of the best rabbit breeds for children. They are friendly and larger with an interesting color scheme.


They were introduced in the 1920s to the United States of America. They were initially called the Japanese rabbits.

However, during World War II, the name was dropped for the Harlequin.  The harlequin is comprised of two breeds,.

The Japanese version is usually orange combined with many colors, while the magpie harlequin is comprised of white and then other colors added in.

It comes with many color combinations that will impress you.


Harlequin rabbits are considered medium to large breed.  They can grow up to six and a half to nine and a half pounds. This breed can live from five to eight years when you take care of them.


Like every other breed on this list, they require an excellent habit to support their growth and development. The breed enjoys socializing with humans.

You should allow them to step out of the cage. They can grow a human connection over time.


The fur of this breed is easy to take care of and maintained.  They do not have health-related issues compared to the typical rabbit.

They are trainable and eat a similar diet. This makes them great for kids.

Best Rabbit Breeds for Children

What to Consider

The breed is a special breed that requires years of love for the kids. They do not give you challenges because of their temperature. They have great colors you can select.

When you have enough space for them, they can move around and enjoy their time with you.



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